Protesters busy in Cayman

A group of Caymanian women gathered in Heroes Square George Town Thursday
afternoon holding signs and asking for available employment.

“I think it is a dark day in our country especially just before Christmas
when the ladies of this country don’t have work, can’t pay mortgages and feed
their children,” said former George Town MLA Lucille Seymour. “Even standing
here and looking out I see drivers, gardeners and others on work permit.”

The protest, which involved several women, was held just a few weeks after
Karissa Cameron picketed outside the Legislative Assembly after she was let go
from her job in September. 

In another, unrelated incident, several tour boat operators were meeting with
Port Authority Board Chairman Stefan Baraud over claims of impropriety with bookers for the tours.

The Caymanian Compass covered both events and will have much more on both
stories in later editions of the newspaper… 


  1. Ms. Juliana OConnor-Connolly,

    GIRLFRIENDS need your support and action from you on their behalf.

    You are the only female in our legislature,I have great appreciation for you but you are way too quiet as a Deputy Premier and moreover the only female elected to our legislature. Your silence is allowing these mad men to destroy this country, and its time we not only hear from you, but its time we see you into ACTION! God gave us women not only education, but intuition, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and most of all a heart of mercy because we are life givers. I cannot remain silent, IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO SHOW THE PEOPLE OF NOT ONLY CAYMAN BRAC BUT THE ENTIRE CAYMAN ISLANDS THAT WOMEN IN THE L.A. CAN GET THINGS DONE AND RESOLVE THESE SERIOUS ISSUES SUCH AS UNEMPLOYMENT, JOB LOSS AND LACK OF JOB SECURITY FOR OUT PEOPLE!

    Ms Julie,


  2. I would love to see Caymanians doing menial labour! They think they are too good for that and would never stoop to it so as long as they have that mentality, they will be out of work. Having a job is not a right…no matter what country you are in.

    Every day I see help wanted signs and every day I hear Caymanians whining about expats taking their jobs. Get off your high horse and start from the bottom up.

    When will it stop being us against them?

  3. Its not just Caymanians who are losing jobs, Im an ex-pat and my job was given to a Caymanian -I was given a weeks notice, after a few years service. I dont have a problem with this as such, but will be leaving Cayman soon with my husband, who provides a much needed trade to the Island.

    I waited for nearly 5 months for the Immigration Dept. to add me to my husbands work permit (paying late penalties each time they missed their own deadlines)-this was just too long to wait without any security of employment at the end of it, so were off. Unemployment is everywhere and can affect anyone. There are jobs in Cayman but they are tourism related or menial and Caymanians arent keen to do them. If you really needed the cash…youd do it…youd do anything to feed your children over Christmas, as you say.

    This us (Caymanians) versus them (Ex-pats) attitude which seems to be emerging in Cayman is deeply worrying. This was what Bermuda became like several years ago and there are still terrible racial problems there. It would be shame for Cayman to go the same way, because I genuinely believe differently. Remember -you need ex-pats- they wont just sit around being badly treated for ever. There are plenty of places for ex-pats to go and find work. Weve traveled for jobs before and we are capable of doing it again. Not every ex-pat who comes here is secretly planning on overstaying and becoming a permanent resident. Frankly with all the violence and crime recently, its not such an attractive place any more. If all the ex-pats were to leave, Cayman would be in deep trouble. I know of a lot of people leaving in the next 3 months and there are 5000 less permits than a year ago…..time to stop taking the easy way out and blaming ex-pats for everything. Its getting to be a bit of a old, tired joke.

  4. Quote; I think it is a dark day in our country especially just before Christmas when the ladies of this country dont have work, cant pay mortgages and feed their children, said former George Town MLA Lucille Seymour. Even standing here and looking out I see drivers, gardeners and others on work permit.

    Heres a CRAZY idea.

    Maybe they should apply for a job as a driver or a gardner.

    Wow. That was hard.

    Next problem?

  5. Yes D and Dinah,
    The reckless decisions made by our government is causing great great unrest amongst the demographics of our nation.X-pats and Caymanians.
    And Yes, as a matter of fact Caymanians need to adapt the Bermudian attitude. Bermuda is low on crime, is the creme of the crop and the natives are VERY SUCCESSFUL, Bermuda is for Bermudians! Yes Caymanians need to think like Bermudians they have class, and are sophisticated and are very good businessmen and women. The jobs belong to Bermudians FIRST! They have not allowed FOREIGNERS TO TAKE BERMUDA AWAY FROM THEM I guess thats the reason why you are all running here trying to take control despite your testimony that not all of you want permanent residency thats a BIG LIE! Not only do you want permanent residency but you want citizenship and want to run for office too! Well the time has come and we are TAKING CAYMAN BACK!

    You now you can always go home.

  6. Dubai:
    You seem to have a rather different view of Bermuda than one can derive from reading its newspapers and listening to its people. It would be interesting to hear what is your experience and knowledge of Bermuda.

  7. Dubai

    You sound like a reasonable, well educated individual. Of course you are right that everyone who comes here wants citizenship after all Cayman is so much better than everywhere else in the world. With the lack of corruption and the way the locals welcome ex-pats with open arms why wouldnt everyone else in the world want to be Cayamanian?

  8. Dubai

    I Lived in Bermuda for 4 years and my husband for 7. I think that qualifies us to be allowed our opinion of the place. Your comments about Bermuda actually made me laugh out loud! The levels of crime in Bermuda are rising fast, especially gang/gun crime. Not so long ago there were 6 shootings in one weekend. Bermudians are not welcoming to ex-pats, even though they present a thin veneer of hospitality. Whilst I was there fliers were posted on cars and lamp posts saying go home ex-pats you are stealing our jobs, women and car parking spaces No joke! By the way the government and police did nothing about these racist slurs -the ex-pats just had to take it -the clear message being that the government didnt care.

    A Bermudian taxi driver told me I was single-handedly responsible for the decline in his country -this was my very first night in Bermuda and it made me wonder what Id gotten myself into, especially as the driver in question was drinking from a bottle of beer as he imparted his pearls of wisdom.
    I would point you to the bermudasucks website to see what the ex-pat workers say about the business men and women of Bermuda.
    And do you really harbor the opinion that all ex-pats want to stay here? To call me a liar when you know nothing about my circumstances tells me that you will never be open to a reasonable argument on the subject. Its paranoia – thats all. Every ex-pat I know in Cayman is here for a fixed term and is making money to take away for their future (this happens in every country around the world that allows foreign workers). While Cayman is a lovely place, we all call home somewhere else and want to go back there. My original post said that Im leaving soon, and happy to do so – so why do you insist that I want to live here for ever and take over? Simply not true.

  9. When my wife and I purchased a piece of Land in the Cayman Islands, we had this image of a beautiful place where we could retire and spend a lot of time enjoying our retirement. But after reading the local News Papers as well as comments from residents. The one thing I am now sure of is that we picked the wrong place. Its obvious that we would never be welcomed or safe for that matter. The last thing Id want to see is the home I spend my retirement money building, broken into and destroyed while we were away or at home for that matter. There seems to be so much ill feelings from locals toward foreigners that Im even afraid to visit at this point. I truly believe that its time for everyone whos not Caymanian to just leave and let these people have it their way. Im sick of hearing that they dont need EX-Pats, Tourists or any foreigner on the island, I say leave it all in their hands a let see how they fair. I for one will never step foot on the Island again, hopefully I can get rid of my property there as soon as possible, Id hate to be sitting on my porch and have folks pointing at me saying its my fault they have nothing.

    This is what is destroying this country.Importing people to occupy limited space.

    Caymanians MUST to take on a new attitude of aggressiveness because from what I am reading Expats want you to bow down to them.



    IF EZZARD WAS REAL HE WOULD PETITION FOR JOBS FOR YOU PEOPLE! Hes only politically grandstanding.

  11. Dubais Quote #1; I guess thats the reason why you are all running here trying to take control despite your testimony that not all of you want permanent residency thats a BIG LIE! Not only do you want permanent residency but you want citizenship and want to run for office too! Well the time has come and we are TAKING CAYMAN BACK!

    Sorry to burst your ego, but I just came down to get out of the snow for a couple of years.

    Dubais Quote #2; You now you can always go home.

    That last sentence needs to be taken out back and shot. Tip…… when ranting in a public newspaper or online website, in defense of your country and your intelligence, use proper english. In fact, if youd like a Canadian to proof read your resume, Id be happy to provide you with a few names.

  12. Ms.Lucille Seymour,

    I didnt expect a better answer from you. Because you as a PPM did not do anything to stop this reckless granting of work permits making our people destitute.

    As a politician and former MLA I expected to hear you say that Caymanians are educated they are emoloyable, they have University degrees and there is no reason why they should not be given work in their own country. Moreover all Caymanians cant be so bad that NO CAYMANIAN IS BEING HIRED!
    Something is going to give and this continued abuse is going to cause a civil war one of these fine days if government dos not step in and look out for the people. Caymanians First.

    They are actually provoking people.
    I believe it is deliberately Political payback and politically orchestrated and organized. It has to be.

  13. OMG!!!! It is truly unbelievable to see the bitterness that some Caymanians have towards expats! Correct me if I am wrong but expats did not just come here to work off their own. Like anyone else, they too are seeking more suitable employment and if a job is advertised they are free to apply for it. It is up to the work permit board to decide whether or not the expat actually comes here to work. What I am saying is……dont blame the expats! Blame the government.

    Moreoever, most if not all Caymanians go to church on Sundays/Saturdays. I am sure there is a section in the bible that says we are to love they neighbor as thyself! Our neighbor should not only be our fellow Caymanians but it should also extend to our fellow expats! Caymanians, please, look within your individual self and think about this……would you like to be treated like that if you were an expat? Let us stop this nonsense and let us treat others the way we would like to be treated!

  14. Vietnam – seriously?! You think getting an education in Cayman is going to get Caymanians the jobs they feel they deserve (note I did not say are qualified for)?!

    The education system is lacking, no one is left behind for fear that it will hurt their precious psychological selves. Tell me how that prepares them for the real world.

    No one is saying that no Caymanian is being hired and that all Caymanians are bad. I do know a few Caymanians who work their butts off for what they have and would never use the Im Caymanian so its my right line. It isnt a right. Why is that so hard to understand?!

    One must be qualified for a job in order to get a job. I would love to be CEO and making six figures but I am realistic in my qualifications and experience.

    Civil war?! I think not. That would require effort.

    You are encouraging racism in your beloved country. How is that helpful? Are you going to blame the expats for that as well? Youre being a big ole pot stirring menace to your own society and not providing helpful ways of dealing with things.

    Wake up – it isnt the governments fault that some Caymanians sit back and take the easy road but they are being blamed for not doing better. The government cant hold every citizens hand through life to ensure they are afforded their rights. Please – reality check!

  15. Cayman Ex-Pats, Foreign business owners, foreign property owners, take my advice its time to take your business elsewhere, once we all leave Caymanians will have no one else to blame but themselves. Good idea maybe it is time to shut down the Work Permit Office in the Caymans and chase all the foreign investosr away leaving Cayman for Caymanians. Its obvious that this is what they want. They complain about expats taking their jobs when expats are the one doing the work they all feel they are too good for, so let them have the jobs. Let them have all the land to buy for themselves. Theres plenty of islands in the Caribbean that would appreciate us for what we contribute.

  16. There are about 22,000 work permit holders in the Cayman Islands. If the were removed, as many Caymanians like Dubai seem to wish, several things would happen:

    – the property market would collapse
    – the financial services industry would move elsewhere, do not kid yourselves that the Caymanians are able to service it
    – Government finances would collapse for lack of work permit fees, company registration fees and so on
    – many local businesses would fail as a result of the ex-pat spending disappearing
    – Cayman would sink ever further into recession and unemployment

    Most of your politicians understand this, but they also know that they have to pay lip service to the ignorant prejudice exemplified by some of the posts below, or they will not get elected.

    Cayman and its people need ex-pats. The ex-pats dont need Cayman, they can go to plenty of other places.

    Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

  17. My first job was for 1.50 an hour stocking records (yea records) in the basement of a store. My second 2.00 an hour washing windows in a department store and my third 3.50 an hour working in a scrap metal yard.

    Granted these were all summer part time jobs, but I learned much and look back on those days with a smile.

    Starting at the bottom has given me respect for every person regardless of the job they do.

    Today my life is much different but I wouldnt be who I am if not for the building blocks of life.

    My first car cost 400, I paid cash and to this day remember my little Corvair.

    Moral of the story, not everybody starts out with a 65,000 job at a local bank and gets a car loan at a discount so they can buy a Mercedes.

    The jobs are there.

  18. I do not think Caymanians hate xpats, I think they hate the government more for the way they are being treated. Undeniably there is a lot of apprehension in the mix of conversations now a days. People are simply frustrated especially Caymanians being abused by their own government.Nowhere else in the world would a government sell out its people for the almighty dollar as the Cayman Islands government has done.
    Strangely enough I hear no conversations about the many degreed Caymanians that have been turned down for emmployment despite their clean police record,much experience, past good performance and good working ethics. IIt is unfair for all of you to be in denial as you seek to not only monopolize the jobs but the very media forums that is intended to lend a voice to the Caymanian people. Most of the comments in this forum are from Expats and UDP supports defending the governments horrible performance and decision making.You should be ashamed of yourselves working so hard to smear the local people calling them lazy. One question Why you bloviate your resumes and fraudulently apply for work permits that you do not deserve.
    Yes we do need some foreign labor But what is happening is excessive abuse of the work permit system. You are all taking full advantage of this as opportunists. Now would you please consider the fact that yo may fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time? and would you please read the stated facts below as I think it is time we answer some of you hot heads determined to undermine our local people who are seeking employment and you continue your piratizm of local jobs. Have you given the following any thought:-i
    Thou shalt not lie and collaborate with an employer to fraudulently apply for a work permit. It is a CRIME!

    Thou shalt not claim to have the degree you never had..

    Thou shalt not work as a cocktail waitress in North America and the UK, then come to the Cayman Islands trying to fool us demanding a position as a Legal secretary position!

    Thou shalt not claim to have the experience you really DO NOT HAVE!

    Thou shalt not come to my island pretending you do not have a criminal record because many many of you do!

    Time is longer than rope, and its time to set the RECORD STRAIGHT.

  19. Dubai – so media forums are only for Caymanians?! Freedom of speech mean anything to you or does your constitution (and I do mean your and not Caymans) not allow for differing opinions?

    If Caymanians hate the government – fine but dont take it out on expats.

    So tell me this…when the UK opened the door for all Caymanians to get a UK passport, no one took the opportunity. No Caymanian is an opportunist?

    Do your homework…as an expat, if you have a criminal record you cannot get a work permit. Why do you insist on spouting nonsense.

    I have worked with a Caymanian who forged her degrees and experience. Why do you assume that it is expats who do this?

  20. I am curious, I am a Cayman Property owner, not a resident but I do spend quite a bit of time on the island, I am not involved in any local businesses, I do not hold a work permit nor do I need to work locally to support myself. I read the paper a lot and I am trying to personally make since of this debate.

    This question is for local Caymanians, why do think businesses would prefer to hire Ex-Pats over qualified local Caymanians? How could this possibly benefit them when they have to pay thousands of dollars in work permit fees for each person they employ? This seems to only benefit the government and actually sounds like it could be detrimental to the businesses, where as hiring Caymanians would be more economical for them as well as create more long term committed employees. So please help me understand why you think they prefer to hire ex-Pats over Caymans.

  21. AND THAT is the million dollar question, NJ2CAY. LOL.

    WHY WOULD a business, want to spend thousands (read MANY THOUSANDS of dollars they will never recoup or get back) of dollars hiring an expat. If they could hire an equally qualified Caymanian.

    I think everyone knows the answer to this.
    ooops, hear that?…yup, crickets.

    There is one inherint truth. Complain and moan loud and long. And you usually get your way. Who cares if those who do not deserve the jobs, and are forced into these companies, run those companies into the ground. They will always get another job. Screw the companies, let them fail, while these companies have no control over the quality of their staff, and who they can hire. And that, is the attitude that prevails.

  22. Dubai, can you please point me to a single piece of evidence to support your extravagant accusations of fraud and forgery by ex-patriates. Or was it the voices in your head?

  23. There is one very important item missing from this debate – the impact of new Caymanians created by the granting of status to thousands of people. It would seem that any injection of this magnitude into a small society would cause massive upheaval and local competition on many fronts. The schools are an obvious indicator of the impact – how many new students does Cayman now have to accommodate and at what cost? The ripple effect from changing the balance in society by the stroke of a pen, will spread far and wide.

  24. Dubai…..Enough already!!!!!!

    Youre rambling, and making no sense. Youre obviously very angry, and should really seek help.

    (Man, I hate it when my dad drinks…….)

  25. is job situation in the Cayman Islands is not just a fight for Ms. Welcome or Ms. Horeb. Everyone needs to get involved you may be one of them tomorrow! Nothing lasts forever but salvation! The DER, the work Permit Board, the Cayman Immigration Board all should be summoned to the Legislative Assembly in an open and transparent meeting where the public can hear the response.We need to know just how hard are you working for the people of these islands, to date we are NOT CONVINCED!

    Caymanians Its time for us to hold these people accountable for this jobless and hopeless situation our people are faced with on a daily basis. It is an absolute disgrace that in a country as successful as the Cayman Islands where the worlds wealth and treasure resides that there is no job opportunity for our people.It is even more sad that we have no representation.

  26. Theres 2 or more sides to this problem…

    The pros and cons of Caymans labour/immigration system is one and has been for a very long time…

    Theres been no real attempt to come up with any alternative plan or system that would be more equitable and fair so…

    The problem has only gotten worse and will continue to do so until some thing gives…

    But I smell a fish here…

    Is this employment crisis being used by political agitators and aspirants for their own ends, with or without the knowledge of the protestors ?

    Somethings not right about this entire picture.

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