Burglary charge denied

Magistrate remands Andy James Myles to custody

Andy James Myles, who was found in a canal after a residential burglary nearby, said last week he had no knowledge of the offence.

Myles, 24, appeared before Magistrate Nova Hall. His attorney, John Furniss, said Myles denied any involvement in the crime.

Mr. Furniss accepted that a residence in the Governor’s Harbour area had been entered by two people in the early hours of 22 November and that demands were made of the elderly owner that she should open a safe. An alarm went off and police responded. They found Myles in the water in a canal not far from the scene.

But, Mr. Furniss continued, Myles had an explanation for being there. He said he had been to Silver Sands Cafe in West Bay to look for a young lady. As he came back toward the four-way stop, he was rushed by a number of people who had the intention of doing him harm. He ran and was able to catch a ride with a woman who dropped him at the top of the by-pass near the Marriott Courtyard.

Mr. Furniss said Myles was then hitching a ride to town when he saw a car approach. He thought it was the same people who had tried to get him before and he ran. When the people pursued him, he tried to hide on one of the boats in the canal, but he slipped and fell into the water. It turned out the people chasing Myles were police, the attorney concluded.

Senior Crown Counsel Trevor Ward said there was no right to bail on this charge, and he noted the aggravating features. He said two masked men were seen running from one quay to another. A red ski mask and a jewellery box were found about 10 feet from where Myles was discovered. A hooded jacket and a pair of socks were also found in the area. The articles of clothing have been sent off for analysis, he said.

Mr. Furniss said it would be wrong to keep Myles in custody for as long as it would take to await test results for DNA. He said his client was in employment, which he would lose if kept in custody. Further, it was a good job, so Myles had no reason to be involved in any activity of this nature, 
he said.

The magistrate expressed concern about the strength of the evidence and the coincidence of two men being chased by police and Myles being chased by would-be attackers. She asked for more details from the officers who attended the scene and Mr. Ward undertook to contact them and provide their statements to the court.

The hearing was adjourned until Monday. The magistrate then received further information and 
remanded Myles to custody. He will return to court on 
11 January.

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