Museum unveils store of artefacts

Devil fish and 100-year-old embroidery, as well as other artefacts, are just some of the items now on display as part of the Cayman Islands National Museum’s new exhibition series From the Collection.

Prompted in part by budget constraints and the ever-present demand for display opportunities, the new exhibit will allow the public to view some of the museum’s 9,000 pieces that were in storage. The display will be staged in the Changing Gallery.

Exhibit Manager Wray Banker said, “With From the Collection, we have turned our adversity into opportunity. With funds limiting the number of more elaborate exhibitions we can launch, we decided to highlight the many unique and fascinating artefacts, which might not be easily paired with another exhibit and are mostly kept in storage. Some of the items have never even been seen by the public and we hope everyone enjoys this journey back in time.”

From the Collection runs through the end of March 2011.

Other exhibits worth visiting in the permanent galleries are the Natural History and the Cultural History Gallery. These have been totally revamped.

For more information on these visit

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