Seafarers celebrate 
with new schooner

The annual Seafarers Association’s Christmas celebration on 4 December featured the presentation of a handmade schooner donated to the Seafarers by seaman and boat builder James Bodden.

In an earlier interview with the Caymanian Compass, Mr. Bodden, who comes from a family of boat builders on Cayman Brac, including Haymond and Astor Bodden, said he had built 30 to 35 boats in his life time.

President of the Seafarer’s Association Hartman Da Costa moved a motion for the regular business of the Association to be suspended, before continuing with the rest of the night’s festivities, which included the annual boat raffles.

Referring to the handmade schooner, “This boat is a famous American schooner from Massachusetts called Gertrude L Tibo, built to race the Blue Nose from Canada,” said Mr. Bodden. “She beat the Blue Nose twice and the Blue Nose ended up beating her twice two.”

Mr. Bodden said it took him three months to build the boat.

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