Spilling the beans… on Taste of Cayman vendors

With my busy schedule (ahem), I am sometimes unable to visit new restaurants for a few months. I was therefore delighted to file my meal at Karma – the latest addition to the scene – under Official Business. Karma Pan Asian Restaurant & Lounge can be found in the northwest corner nook of West Shore Centre and judging by the positive word on the street, just like everything else on this island, it won’t remain a guarded secret for any length of time.

I really like what they’ve done with the place, upgrading the design but keeping the bar nicely separated from the main dining lounge.

Although it might be a touch chilly when a cold front comes blustering through, the outdoor seating area is comfy, social and quite well sheltered from the bustle of the shoppers. A nice gathering place for friends after a hard day’s work. But we could go on about the atmosphere forever couldn’t we? Let’s get to the meat of it… the proof is in the pudding… etc… etc…

A friend of mine who apparently leads a life of leisure, flitting from one social setting to the next, declared that Karma has some of the best Pad Thai she has ever tasted. I thought I would put her opinion to the test. After all, in some circles they call me Gordon Ramsay, but maybe that’s because I have an interesting temperament. I ordered the Pad Thai and I have to agree with her 100 per cent. It is absolutely delicious and could become addictive. My dining companion declared her Black Cod “simply divine” (yes, she’s one of those) and said it would rival a similar dish she has sampled in top London restaurants. To complete the experience, our server was gooooood-lookin’! You can’t put a price…

I’m thinking that this Karma is the good kind. Your luck will change for the better here.

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