UCCI choir shines in debut

The UCCI Choir delivered a show-stopping performance at the Rotary Club’s 45th annual Christmas tree lighting on Monday, 6 December.

The group’s powerful voices offered such songs as Calypso Christmas, Total Praise and Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus, much to the delight of the audience which included Governor Duncan Taylor and his wife Marie Beatrice, among others.

The choir, composed of students mostly between 16 and 22 years old, looked poised and self-assured in their new gowns designed by one of their own, Jawara Alleyne. “Even though there is always room for improvement, they certainly exceeded expectations, singing with great energy and confidence for a debut performance,” said UCCI Music Director Glen Inanga.

This is only the beginning of a promising future for the choir. Mr. Inanga said. “We aim to develop their repertoire and make the members grow even more. There are plans for recordings and even more performances as they really learn a lot from the experience of being onstage. My vision is for the choir to be a place where everyone is welcome to join, learn something new and be prepared to be challenged. The sky is the limit.”

Although there has always been a small-scale choir at the college since the summer semester of 2007, the current group got off the ground in the fall at the request of UCCI President Roy Bodden, who wanted a stronger identity for the group.

“Last night’s debut performance by the UCCI Choir confirmed to me that the students at this University College are capable of performing up to the most excellent standards. I congratulate the choir and feel humbled to know that I am the president of an institution with such great voices. I am also of the opinion that such excellence can be transferred to other disciplines and encourage the choir as well as the other members of the UCCI student body to strive for excellence,” said Mr. Bodden.

He also acknowledged the efforts the internationally renowned music maestro, Glen Inanga, as well as award-winning choreographer Monika Lawrence, who coached the choir on issues like stage etiquette and performance delivery.

Mr. Bodden said, “Their diligence and conscientiousness has taken UCCI students to an entirely new level, and I wish to publicly record my appreciation for their professionalism, dedication and commitment.

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