Volunteers spread cheer at Lighthouse School programme

This year Christmas for students and staff at the Lighthouse School got off to an early start with lots of good cheer.

The music performed by students was sweet, the colours festive, and parents and teachers were absolutely thrilled at the delightful performance.

Christmas songs such as Jingle Bell Rock carried out by Years 2-6 and Joy to the World performed by Years 7 and 8 finished with much hand clapping from the audience. Even the short skit depicting the birth of Jesus was well narrated and executed.

The looks on children faces were priceless as Santa and his trusted shipboard volunteers, on special delivery from Carnival Valor cruise lines, handed out gifts to everyone.

Students were thrilled at the attention, but not as much as cruise volunteers. Some of them found the children so enchanting and the performance so delightful they had to be dragged away by their leader after much sniffling and pleas of “Can I stay, please?”

MLAs Dwayne Seymour, Capt. Eugene Ebanks and Cline Glidden, who also attended, were pleased by the spirt of the students and the cheerful atmosphere.

Santa, along with his volunteers, worked hard in the weeks and months leading up to the holidays to raise money for the charity of their choice to be donated in one of their ports of call, which turned out to be Cayman.

Crew members used the money raised to buy ilots of toys and other special gifts to bring joy to the children at the Lighthouse School.


The students got into the spirit of the holiday season.
Photo: Jewel Levy

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