Teen chef gets great reviews

A student at Lighthouse School is
impressing classmates and teachers with his cooking talent and skills.

With a passion for mum’s home
cooked meals, Tevin Douglas, 16, already knows what he wants to do when he gets
older and that is to run the Lighthouse Canteen as head chef. If that doesn’t
pan out, he plans to get a job at Comfort Suites “because their food is so
good,” he said.

Tevin began cooking at age 11. When
most young boys were out playing with bats and balls, he was keeping close tabs
on the succulent aromas coming out of mama’s kitchen and helping her prepare
mouth-watering dishes.

“He just has a natural talent for
cooking,” said Principal Carla, who specifically mentioned the excellent
curried chicken, macaroni and cheese, white rice and plantains the young man
recently prepared for the school.

Classmate Rachel Ebanks enthused
about how good the food was: “I just loved the barbecue chicken, it tasted so
good. He could be a good chef and I hope he cooks more dishes.”

Occupational Therapist Dahlia Mac
Vicar was just as impressed with the curried chicken: “The meal was just so
good. It had a special savoury taste and the mashed potatoes were … so good,
I had to go back for a second helping. I really enjoy his cooking; I think he
will make a good chef someday.”

As for Tevin, he modestly says, “I
want to be a good cook just like my mum.” He lives in Savannah with mum Thoran,
an older sister and a younger brother. “My younger brother loves to eat what I
cook. When he comes in the kitchen to watch, I give him cake to taste,” said
the young cook.

“My mum gave me the recipes and
taught me how to cook dishes, such as curry chicken and other cultural foods;
my grandmother too,” he recalled. “Mum also loves to bake. She bakes lots of
cakes and different cakes.”

Tevin also loves to bake and has
impressed the school with cheesecakes and other delicacies,

Tevin’s favourite dish to prepare
is barbecue chicken, for which he has a secret recipe, but he loves eating
oxtail, which he has not tried his hand at yet.

“Tevin was born to cook,” said
Winsome Leslie, Tevin’s teacher at Lighthouse School. “His meals prepared at
the school are very delicious.

Ms Leslie recently presented the
young pupil with a cookbook. So far, Tevin has prepared just one dish from the
recipes listed.

Cooking, along with
housekeeping and computer arts is part of the Lighthouse School’s vocational
curriculum. The practical courses are designed to help students function on
their own.

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Tevin Douglas, pre-vocational class A student at Lighthouse School.
Photo: Jewel Levy

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