Butterfield’s self defence

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited takes an active role in providing its employees with a healthy balance in the workplace. Among the sports initiatives the company took on this year was self defence and outdoor fitness.

Butterfield offered self-defence classes in October featuring instructors from the Cayman Associated School of Karate. The lessons saw mostly female employees who learned how to protect themselves against violent attacks. Later that month the company held its first ever “Butterfield Beach Olympics” at Calico Jack’s.

The objective of the event was to encourage team-building through fun competition on the beach, which led to participants burning calories through a number of exercises.

Executives at Butterfield state these and other sports-related activities help develop better, healthier employees.

“Each year Butterfield holds a family beach day, but this time we decided to add an extra element to it, which involved employees working together in teams and competing in some thoughtfully crafted sports and games,” said Dianne Wagner, Butterfield’s Employee Relations Specialist.

“Employer-sponsored wellness programs are a great way for companies to encourage healthy activities for employees,” said Mike McWatt, Butterfield’s Deputy Managing Director. “From a business standpoint, such initiatives are an investment in Butterfield’s greatest asset –- our employees –- and the return on our investment is likely to make a difference in both morale and the bottom line.”

Among the other endeavours Butterfield engages in is paying fifty percent of each employee’s gym membership fees and a portion of other external fitness programmes and classes such as yoga, pilates and boot-camp.

The result is that the majority of employees feel better about themselves. Among them is Rhonda Serrano, who has been employed with Butterfield since 1997.

“One of the many things I love about Butterfield is that they take care of their employees,” Mrs. Serrano said. “They are genuinely concerned about our well-being, in and outside the workplace. It’s important that we put our health first, especially since we are in constant, close proximity to one another at the office. Butterfield provides us with many options to help us keep the wheels turning.”

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