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Below is the Captain’s report from Tug America. We look forward to
our over sized grey Christmas present this year! Thank you for your interest in
the ex-USS Kittiwake and the Cayman Islands. Please continue to follow us on
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Captain’s report
Dec 21, 2010 at 13:21

It’s a nice clear day,
and the tug is finally in better weather but it has been a rough tow down. The
Seas have calmed considerably, the sun is shining and the snow has melted off
the Kittiwake. Once the tug rounded Cape Canaveral, the sea temperatures rose
and the weather got better but they hit the Gulf Stream. The tug America stepped
up their speed, now running over 8.5 average, pushing 9 knots, and will continue
at this speed as long as tow rides so nice, not surging on the tow line. With
the gulf stream current pushing against us, we are making headway at about 7
knots. The tow line has been brought in closer now. Present position as of 1320
today N 26 34 50 W 079 59 470

We are having Mahi Mahi
for dinner as the fish are jumping on the tug quicker than we can count

Latitude         26 34

Longitude    -79

Winds 10 WSeas swells 2′ NE

8.5 average; 7 knots on

ETA to George Town,
Grand Cayman Dec 26

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