LIME launches Mobile TV

LIME has introduced Mobile TV in Jamaica, calling it the first service of its kind in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

LIME customers in Kingston and the neighbouring parishes of St. Andrew and St. Catherine will be the first to be able to access the service in LIME’s phased rollout, according to a press release.

The list of channels that will be available include CNN, ESPN, Sportsmax, NBC, Hype TV and even the Cartoon Channel. More channels, including a Pay Per View offering, will be added.

Chris Dehring, chairman of LIME Jamaica, said: “This is a historic moment. Many of us here in Jamaica remember exactly when TV changed from black and white to colour. We also remember exactly when LIME introduced mobile phones to Jamaica. The merger of these two technologies will also now be forever remembered as a seminal moment – when a mobile phone truly became more than just a phone.”

Managing Director of LIME Jamaica and Cayman, Garfield Sinclair, added,”In addition to all the great content that mobile TV will offer, like live football matches from the biggest leagues around the world, another of the very pleasing aspects of this development is that it has come out of a partnership between a truly Jamaican company, LIME, and a group of ‘home-grown’ Jamaican technology experts at DC Digital, led by David Cassanova”.

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