Hitting girlfriend nets man a fine

Roxroy Cyril David Anderson, 27, was fined $500 on Monday after pleading guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm to the woman he said he was going to marry. The woman was not in court.

When Anderson first appeared before Magistrate Nova Hall, neither she nor Crown Counsel Kenneth Ferguson had any file. The magistrate made note of Anderson’s bail bond, including the fact that police had retained his passport. Anderson said he wanted to travel because he was getting married in Jamaica on 30 December. Questioned further, he said it was to the woman he was accused of assaulting. The magistrate said she would want to hear from the woman.

The court was then advised that the police officer in the case was filing the charge at that time, so the matter was stood down briefly.

When the file was brought and the charge put to Anderson, he elected Summary Court and pleaded guilty.

Mr. Ferguson read from a summary of facts that the assault occurred at the woman’s home in George Town on the night of 24 October. She reported to police that there was an altercation in which Anderson hit her in the right eye and punched her in the left ear, but she refused to give the circumstances. She was taken to hospital by ambulance. Mr. Ferguson handed up photos of the injuries and a copy of Anderson’s interview with police.

Asked if he had anything to say, the defendant replied, “I so sorry for what I did.”

Asked if he and the woman were still boyfriend/ girlfriend, he said yes.

The magistrate told Anderson if he were planning to pursue a relationship with this lady — or any other lady — he would have to understand that “No means no.” Noting that he was employed on work permit and had no previous convictions, she took his guilty plea into account and fined him $500.

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