Cinderella Scholarship Programme on again

The Cayman Cinderella Scholarship Programme will run again in 2011, thanks again to all the participants and the leadership of Celeste Broderick.

The Cayman programme was franchised by the International Cinderella Scholarship Programme in 1987.

The emphasis of the Cinderella programme is on developing well-rounded, disciplined and poised young ladies.

“They are motivated by the promise of scholarships in higher education, which are the major awards by the international body, and by the prestige of wearing the crown of such a well-recognized international body,” Ms Broderick said.

The programme is not a beauty pageant, according to Ms Broderick.

“The international judges who are brought to the Island each year award a beauty crown to the most well-rounded and, to some extent, physically beautiful young lady,” she said. “That crown is second only to the overall winner.”

The Cayman Cinderella winners are taken to the international pageant in the United States where they able to compete with contestants from all over the world.

There are on average more than 250 contestants of all ages at the international pageant.

“The Cayman young ladies often come away with countless awards and on numerous occasions have won top places in several categories,” she said. “We have had the honour of winning the Cinderella teen overall crown and a university scholarship in 1994.”

This year the semifinal pageant will be held in Cayman Brac on 18 and 19 March.

The pageant in Grand Cayman will be held on 28, 29 and 30 April at Loyola Hall on Walkers Road.

The winners in all categories will go on to the international pageant in July in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a week of competition.

This year, there will be a category of Prince Charming, which is for boys between the ages of four and nine.

“We are also back to our regular programme of three nights, which include the modelling show, the cameo girl competition and the popular baby show,” 
she said.


1988 Cayman Cinderella Scholarship winners — the first year of the pageant. – Photo: Submitted

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