The Cayman year that was

The year ended on a positive note at least in terms of sport .

Cydonie Mothersill won Cayman’s first major track gold Gold in the Commonwealth games in the 200 metres. Ron Shillingford interviewed Mothersill shortly after her triumphant return to Cayman where she talked about that all important final.

Mothersill said that leading up to the final,she was relaxed and conserved her energy in the heats.

“My adrenaline was pumped up so high it meant I was really going for it. I was coming into the final to win no matter what. It didn’t matter who was in the race. I just wanted to be perfect. I had opened my mind and heart to the possibility that I could walk away with the gold. I never said it to anyone nor the media, I just knew I could do it. When they said the final was postponed, I was really dismayed because I wanted to go then and there. But God has a plan but it doesn’t always work on my timing and it turned out to be fabulous.

“Even though Artymata ran slightly faster than me in the semis, I was determined that she would not cross the line before me in the final. This was my chance to seize the moment and I wasn’t going to let someone to come in and disturb the mental state I had. I just thought I would need to run faster.” She won handsomely by four metres and the years of heartache and pain caused by various injuries were all validated.

She also talked about the reception she had got on arriving at the airport. The gifts and people just coming up to her and congratulating her.

“It’s been truly humbling. Cayman’s never done anything of this capacity and this grand. I was soaked in the moment and been enjoying all the well wishers. It’s been an awesome feeling and I’m so grateful. It’s good for the country and athletics and good for sports in general that if you do great things that you will be rewarded and people will appreciate you, and it’s a nice feeling.”

Garmin chooses Cayman

The end of the year saw Cayman play host to almost 30 of the worlds top cyclists, including the reigning world champion. The team to be known as Garmin-Cervelo in 2011 brought its entire roster of riders, as well as some 20 members of staff, to Cayman for a preseason team building camp.

When looking for a venue to host the team building camp, Cayman came to mind quickly, due in part to a number of current Garmin-Transitions team members who have spent time riding and vacationing here in the past. As a team building exercise it was certainly effective, while from a marketing perspective for Cayman it could not have gone better. The team posted photos of the event to the team’s website and to a well-known cycling website. Within the first two hours, the photo album drew approximately 175,000 hits. When the photos show some of the best cyclists in the world having fun in the warm waters of Cayman, that has to be good for the image of an Island.