The Wedding Planner: 2011 top wedding trends

2011 is upon us and the wedding season in the Cayman Islands is in full swing. Everywhere you look there are weddings taking place, with happy couples confirming their commitment to one another here on our little piece of paradise. Venues are booked out accommodating for the demand of the wedding industry. While us wedding planners are running around like crazy, making sure every little detail is perfect for our brides and grooms after months of planning for their big day!

2011 is looking to be an amazing year for the wedding sector. The Cayman Islands are being recognized internationally as one of the top countries in the Caribbean for a destination wedding. This is no surprise given the depth of amazing resources and talented service provider’s brides have access to on this island.

The following is my predictions for the top 10 trends for 2011 and what you will be seeing at weddings this year.

Vintage elements:

Vintage has always been popular, but now more than ever you will see this trend in 2011. Vintage elements can be used in your wedding décor by adding items such as lace and chandeliers as focal points. Peonies and anemone are great to enhance any floral arrangement. Using items such your grandmother’s jewellery or incorporating your parents/grandparents black and white wedding pictures into the decor creates a wonderful little detail and will help introduce the vintage style to your wedding. Incorporating modern with vintage elements is a growing trend and looks beautiful, bringing a touch of class to any wedding.


This year it is all about comfort for you and your guests. Anything goes in weddings this year so why not make your guests feel right at home and create a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Whether you’re wedding is in a church, on the beach, in a ballroom, restaurant or function room, think about elements that will ensure this ambience comes across. Create an environment such as a lounge area which can include couches, quilts for the children and benches. This space can be perfect for people to mingle and will encourage families and friends to get to know one another better.

Outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings are continuing to grow in popularity and are going to be a huge trend for 2011, especially on Grand Cayman. Outdoor weddings are so much more relaxed, fun and if you have guests visiting the island for the wedding, it helps them experience all the natural beauty this beautiful island has to offer. This doesn’t mean you have to have your entire wedding on a beach or in a garden. An option could be to book a reception venue that has alfresco dining. But remember, the weather is not always predictable, so always have a back up plan just in case.

Kiddies’ corner:

Having children at your wedding is a personal preference. If you are having children at your wedding then something that is sure to be seen a lot throughout 2011 is “Kiddies Corners”. This is an area at the cocktail hour and/or in the reception area where the kids have a corner to themselves. You can make it fun and hang signs saying “no adults allowed”. Provide the kids with coloring books and games etc to keep them occupied so that the adults can enjoy themselves also.

Thinking about the future:

People are definitely more aware of the environment around them, today more than ever. In 2011 we will see a lot of couples incorporate echo friendly touches into their weddings. From using organic food from local farmers in their wedding menu, to setting up a gift registry that donates to a local charity, this year will prove to be the biggest yet for the echo friendly wedding ideas.

Photo booths:

Photo booths are going to be HUGE in 2011. If you want a fun element to bring to your wedding then consider having a personalized booth at your wedding venue. Perfect for cocktail hour or even after dinner when everyone is feeling a little more adventurous. You can have your planner set this up as apart of your decor and make it as personalized as possible. You can incorporate pieces of patterned fabric which tie into your wedding theme as a backdrop to the photo booth. Provide props for the guests to use such as wigs, moustaches and glasses. Chalk boards are great for guests to write a personalized message on and hold up for the photo.

Any day is a good day 
for a wedding:

If you receive a wedding invitation for 2011 don’t assume the wedding day lands on a Saturday. Brides and Grooms are increasingly enquiring about hosting their weddings on Friday evening. This is perfect for those families wanting to host wedding events for their guests over the entire weekend, such as cruises, beach parties etc. Even week days are gaining popularity. Having your wedding on days other than a Saturday could mean you have more choice when choosing venues and your planner can negotiate harder when speaking with vendors.

Makes the party:

Everyone loves a live band, but DJs are gaining popularity. I am not talking about the old iPod-and-speaker setup. I mean skilled turntable DJs who can create a unique mishmash of music tailored to your guests. A good DJ can guarantee to have your dance floor bouncing all night long.

Colour my palate:

2011 brings fresh new colours for you to work with at your wedding. Some colour schemes we are sure to see are; Mauve blush pink, Ebony Black + Gray Wasabi green and pumpkin Sage greens, chocolate browns and ocean blues Banana yellow and apple green Tiffany blue, taupe and deep eggplant

Although these colour combinations are becoming very popular, your wedding is your own and the best thing about 2011 is anything goes and that includes colours! So mix them up and have fun with them.

It’s all in the details:

All those little details can not be forgotten when planning your wedding decor! No tiny detail should go unseen. Your wedding details should all flow and be planned well in advance to avoid any last minute rush. If you don’t have time for details, there’s nothing like hiring a wedding planner to take care of this to give you more time to relax and focus on YOU. Small details throughout your wedding can enhance every aspect of your decor and can take your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.

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