Travel trends for 2011

More and more people are searching for an experience nowadays when they go on holiday according to the private guided tour companies. U.K tour operators polled its team of experts to come up with the top destinations for 2011 and here are their predictions

1. Luxury rentals

Relying on room-service from the 32nd floor of a luxury hotel no longer satisfies today’s ambitious luxury traveller. Instead, clients are looking to villa rentals and exclusive safari experiences to ensure that their time abroad is truly unique.

“A growing number of luxury villa rentals and safari houses have sprung up particularly in South Africa and Botswana,” said Brad Crockett, Kensington’s senior Africa expert.

2. Second Layer Vacations

A recurring trend as seen in travel throughout Europe are “second layer” vacations that surpass the popular destinations usually depicted in city pamphlets or travel guides. Special-interest attractions such as epicurean journeys and multi-generational family trips have been on the incline and will continue to increase into 2011.

3. Popular Travel Destination

For clients who enjoy tropical weather and exotic surroundings, Nicaragua may be the next best, if not more authentic, alternative to travel to Costa Rica.

Currently, Nicaragua is more like the Costa Rica of 20 years ago and attracting the “eco-traveller.”

4. Iceland is on Fire

For clients who regard Iceland as merely a frustrating layover from America to Europe, think again. The country is back on the tourist radar and now offering more attractive travel opportunities than ever before.

From relaxing in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon, river rafting, snowmobiling, glacier trekking, to whale watching and experiencing Reykjavik’s lively cultural scene Iceland has variety to offer.

5. Rwandan Renovations

Historically rich in culture and natural beauty, Rwanda has continued to beckon interested explorers and scholarly researches but due to an increasing selection of premium properties and eco-lodges opening in the upcoming year,it hopes to attract a more mainstream traveller.

6. Brazil, Don’t Delay, Act Today

Brazil should burst onto the travel scene in the upcoming years. With the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, visitors should dedicate time in 2011 to explore its remote beaches and thundering waterfalls of the exciting country before the prices skyrocket.

7. Intimate Egyptian Nile Cruises

Catering to the increasing number of families and friends who choose to travel together, Egypt’s blossoming tourism opportunities puts the personal experience back into travelling abroad with privately chartered Nile cruises,complete with the crew, chef and private Egyptologist guide, these luxurious small ships offer surprising value and allow for spellbinding shore excursions that larger cruise ships cannot.

8. Visit Zimbabwe

Its political situation has meant a lot of tourists have stayed away but with it has magnificent landscapes with the majestic Victoria Falls and the private concessions of Imbabala will please even the most experienced Africa connoisseurs. Plus, Zimbabwe has some of the best guides in Africa and great prices.

9. India and Travelling South

Traditionally attracted to the classic sights and sounds of Northern India, travellers to India may find themselves travelling south during 2011.

There are desert camping experiences in Rajasthan, tiger trekking and elephant-back safaris in Central India, or travellers can head south to explore wild game reserves in search of leopards, sambars and chinkaras.

In February 2011, the new Taj Bekal resort in Kerala is expected to open, bringing a new level of sophistication to India’s southern beaches.

10. Patagonia

Historically known to attract outdoor enthusiasts, the southernmost tip of South America increases its appeal for 2011 with a wider assortment of adventures sure to please clients of all interests.

In addition to trekking its landmark glaciers, travellers can experience authentic estancias (Argentinean ranches), relax at any number of new eco-camps or enjoy a leisurely cruise along Patagonia’s sparkling coast.This once remote land is now ideal for cruisers, adventurers, nature travellers, families and more.