Getting inspired for Art for the Heart

The Westin Casuarina Resort and Spa and the Cayman Heart
Fund have partnered to sponsor the Art for the Heart art show, which runs
through mid-February.

Artists will auction their work on 11 February at the Red
Dress Valentine’s Gala at the Westin Casuarina Resort, with proceeds going to
the Cayman Heart Fund.

John Broad’s Red Dancers is in the auction, a work that
was done in a unique style.

“I tried to capture the ambience of the scene,” he said.

“It has to do with
panic.  It’s a challenge. It’s kind of
living on the edge,” he added, joking about the method behind the acrylic on
canvass painting.

Carolyn E. Whitney 
is also among the participating artists. She will auction Pink Conchs,
an almost photo-real look at conch shells in the sunlight on a large canvass.

“My inspiration for Pink Conchs is the celebration of
life. The conch shell is a recurring theme for me. I often use nature to
express my feelings,” she said.  “Dreary
skies and sombre shadows would not have expressed the exhilaration I wanted the
viewer to experience with Pink Conchs. The shells grouped close for the camera
appear to be posing, some practically bursting with playful colour, each one
seeking out the viewer’s eye.”

Her painting is in
oil, similar to the works of Suzy Soto and other artists in that respect. “An
artist puts his ‘heart’ into his painting, it may appeal to some and not
others. However, the painting will touch someone else’s ‘heart’ and they will
put their own interpretation on it,” Ms Soto said. “For instance, my bird
(painting) Reflections gives me a great sense of peace and calm with the bird
actually looking and contemplating his own image. What could be more peaceful?”

Ms Soto is also the
chairman of the Cayman Heart Fund and one of the organisers of the auction and

“CHF has been supported by the art community since the
beginning with great donations of their beautiful art,” she said. “Our funds go
to support the great work the CHF is doing. 
For instance, over 1,000 people have been screened and 50 per cent have
had to go on for further testing with their physicians.  So we are helping the community and hopefully
bringing the importance of ‘knowing your numbers’ to the forefront.

“We are losing good people to cardiac disease, when a
simple check-up with their physician could save a life,” Ms Soto said.

For tickets, call 325-2243 or email [email protected]