Kittiwake now sinking Wednesday

The Kittiwake sinking is now scheduled for Wednesday, 5 January at 10am.

The ship is now at her sinking site off West Bay Public Beach but winds of 15 knots were too high to allow for the process to go ahead.

The absolute maximum wind for the procedure is 12 knots, with under 10 knots most favourable, explained Stephen Broadbelt, past president of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, at a dedication ceremony aboard the vessel on Monday which was attended by private and public sector representatives.

Anything over 12 knots meant that a delay was unavoidable for safety and environmental reasons.

Optimal conditions are required to ensure the new dive site and artificial reef sinks perfectly and rests at the correct site. Once down, the Kittiwake will become a permanent part of the protected natural area as an artificial reef and dive site. There will also be
ongoing, decades-long research into sealife population.

Large crowds of interested tourists and locals flocked to West Bay Public Beach throughout Monday afternoon in order to tour around the vessel on special tender boats.

“The perimeter
of the sinking site will be marked and all unauthorised boats must stay outside
the perimeter. Channel 14 on your VHF radio will be reserved for Kittiwake
updates to the general public.

“All licensed
operators will be invited to have their staff do an orientation the
afternoon following the sinking. Following the above schedule the first dive
will take place on 7 January (starting at 10am),” said an update on the

The Kittiwake
Reception & Silent Auction will follow the sinking on Wednesday, 5 January
and be held at Margaritaville from 6pm – 8pm. There will be ship artifacts,
lithographs and many more, the sale of which will help to fund and support the
continuing project.

For updates
please continue to check our website and the official


  1. This is an exciting event for Cayman! Has anyone considered positioning retrievable cameras on the ocean floor to capture the settling of the ship on the bottom? This would be a once-in-a lifetime film capture for a landmark event that will be a reminder of this historic event forever.

  2. We know that many people are working, and have tried 3 times to make this happen over holidays and weekends. Please understand that they are huge daily costs in tugs and standby that are incurred, plus weather coming in this weekend, and the list goes on and on. Did you know that tugs can consume 3000 gallons of fuel per day?

    But, stay tuned to as a live broadcast is being attempted for tomorrow!

  3. @Kittiwake post –

    This could be an educational and memorable event! Sir, government spends so much money on other things, I cant see why they cant have the sinking event on the weekend when there is no school and work for most people! Yes, tugs consume 3000 gallons of fuel a day, but this is a one time event! Would you like to know how much our government spends of refueling the new helicopter! Your argument is bland and has no weight! Sorry, but Wednesday at 10 a.m. when everybody is working, is a stupid time to have this event! For government now to come and say it all has to do with saving money, sounds to me kind of hypocritical. Alot of school children can learn from this event, and I certainly know that they in the LA have the MONEY for this one-time-event!

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