Diabetic strips tracked down

A few phone calls and a little detective work has enabled the distributor of recalled diabetes testing strips to track down all the affected strips sold in Cayman.

Progressive Distributor pharmacist Kathy Barnett said just one of the six brands of glucose testing strips recalled by the US Food and Drug Agency and the manufacturer Abbott Diabetes Care were available locally, and only three individual packs of strips from that brand had been sold to members of the public.

“There were six different types of strips recalled, but we bring only one of those on Island – the Precision Xtra – and we brought in 12 of those,” Ms Barnett said.

Of those 12, six were still in the company’s warehouse and six had been sent to pharmacies, which had sold three of the strips and the remaining three were on their shelves.

Ms Barnett said the pharmacies knew to whom the strips had been sold and had contacted the buyers.

The FDA recalled up to 359 million test strips after it was discovered the strips may give falsely low blood glucose results. False results may lead patients to try to raise their blood glucose unnecessarily, or they may fail to treat elevated blood glucose because of a false, low reading. Both scenarios pose risks to a patient’s health.