Sand Angels has the right suit fit

Now that 2011 is here, getting into shape, toning up and being more active is high on many people’s list.

A major motivator, as it turns out, is buying swimwear.

It sounds simple enough: The psychology behind it is that people tend to want to look and feel their best when they are in a swimsuit. They take the time to eat right, get active and focus on their body. This not only boosts their physical well being, but also their self-esteem. When you take the time to focus on yourself for a change, it can be uplifting in many ways.

Determining what type of swimsuit best suits your body is something that Sand Angels in Camana Bay can help with. The shop offers a diverse selection, including swimwear for larger women.

Store personnel are also expert at helping to fit the right swimsuit to body type and size, and covering any perceived “flaws” and enhancing the rest.

Sand Angels also has swimwear for men and children, as well as sunscreens sun-blocking swimwear.

Accessories include hand-embroidered cover-ups, designer beaded tunics, coordinating hats, bags, sheer wraps and jewellry.

Situated across from the Observation Tower in Camana Bay, Sand Angels is open from 10am-7pm Monday to Saturday.