Elite not getting complacent

Elite Sporting Club are runaway leaders with 29 points in the Premier League this season, beaten only once – in the Digicel Cup – against George Town.

It’s a great achievement considering many key players are away at college but technical director Greg Ebanks has shrewdly brought in new players and promoted youngsters from the youth and reserves to fill the void.

Elite’s Alex Belcher is the league’s leading scorer with 11, including five against Bodden Town and team spirit is excellent.

“I never anticipated that this would have happened,” Ebanks said. “Demanding players to work hard and have a good attitude has reaped rewards so far. Everyone plays an important role and this becomes crucial to show the end results of the games.

Do they miss players like Greg’s son Jason, Donovan Godet, and Benjamin Cupid? “Yes, we certainly miss our players that are in college. Having them gives us more depth but they have their dreams to further their education and we support this.”

“In the Digicel Cup it was George Town’s day and we had to respect that.”

This weekend they play a resurgent Roma United at the TE McField Annex Sports Complex at 5pm. “Hopefully our team will be consistent and have a good game against them.”

Sholars International are in second place, nine points behind, but Ebanks does not underestimate them. “Yes, I’m surprised they’re not closer, however Scholars earns respect from all teams, to beat them you have to come good, they have the best record from winning so many titles, therefore they will close the gap.”