Exceeding Client Expectations

 As the name implies, Deluxe Freight’s business model is built on exceeding client expectations rather than being simply the biggest operator. With over 20 years of logistics experience, Deluxe Freight provides the Cayman Islands with reliable, effective and convenient transportation solutions.

The company provides shipping to Cayman, both consolidations and full container loads, plus warehousing and cargo tracking. There are two sailings per week.

The company has been shipping to Cayman since 1996; it’s the only market they cater to, servicing around 400 accounts. Deluxe Freight operates out of its state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot facility in Miami and its goal is to become the most unique and most relevant freight forwarder to the Cayman Islands. It is evolution rather than growth that is the watchword; as the company faces an exciting future of possibilities, the aim is to introduce new features and functionality and increase the interaction experience among customers.

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