HSBC donations 
help families

HSBC Cayman launched its first annual Christmas Gift Drive, donating over 250 toys and gifts to help grant a Christmas wish for many local children in need.

HSBC donated hundreds of gifts, including bikes, basketballs, games, books, gift certificates, iPods and children’s toys, to the Department of Children & Family Services and the Cays Foundation last month. All gifts were donated by HSBC staff, clients and customers. The bank also donated an additional US$5,000 to provide food to families in need.

“HSBC’s generosity helped bring joy and happiness to many over the festive season. The generosity of HSBC staff, clients and customers helped make the Christmas season a special one for our families and was sincerely appreciated,” said Alicia Dixon, deputy director, Department of Children & Family Services.

“It was truly heart-warming to see the response to the appeal made for gifts for those in need and it was evident that the staff and customers of HSBC enjoyed contributing to such a worthy cause.”

More than 140 Premier clients attended a Christmas family event, bringing gifts they bought and participating in a number of activities, such as Christmas lantern making, Christmas cookie decorating, face painting and colouring.

“We were pleased by the overwhelming response to give back, and I would like to thank our participating staff, clients and customers for their generosity this past holiday season,” said HSBC Chief Executive Officer Gonzalo Jalles. “It is important that the community continues to work together to give to those in need, not only during the festive season, but throughout the year.

“HSBC would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all those at the Department of Children & Family Services and the Cays Foundation for all their hard work in helping individuals, children and families in need. Your kindness and generosity brings happiness to many in the community and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you,” Mr. Jalles said.