North Sound channel coming?

Premier McKeeva Bush said Thursday that
he expects to sign a memorandum of understanding with a Chinese company to
dredge a deep-water channel in the North Sound. 

 Speaking at the Fidelity Cayman
Business Outlook conference, Mr. Bush said he believed that a channel in the
North Sound would provide the potential for recreation, habitat preservation
and development, as well as offering integration opportunities for local hotels
and residents.  

 “Rest assured, these projects will
provide numerous benefits to residents and visitors alike,” he said. 

 Mr. Bush, who has long advocated the
creation of a deep water channel in the North Sound, said he wanted to make it
clear that the government was not seeking impact the entire North Sound. 

 “We are simply turning our thoughts to
the smallest but most practical channel being developed within the North Sound,
traversing the West Bay side of it and coming up to the airport and beyond…
leaving the vast remainder of the Sound untouched,” he said.  

 Mr. Bush said the Government was
currently exploring an interest in major investment expressed by a Chinese
Company “to provide the necessary infrastructure to take full advantage of the
channel from an economic perspective, while mitigating any potential adverse
impacts on the environment.” 



  1. Impact on one of Caymans signature tourism sites, Stingray City? History of Chinese companies as it relates to environmental impact? If you build it, will they come?

  2. Kudos to the Premier for teaming with the Chinese to further develop the island with the North Sound channel project. They have the potential to bring a lot to the table with capital investment and tourism dollars.

    With the fastest growing economy on the planet, the Chinese could help take Grand Cayman to the next level.

  3. Where is the environmental impact study? While I would love to not see cruise shippers at Stingray City, I would still love to see Stingrays there.

    Messing with nature has never worked so why do they keep trying. And for what, a few super yachts? Must is always be about money?

  4. WHAT are you thinking??! This is the most ludicrous idea I have heard for a long, long time. The North Sound is an area of unique natural marine habitat. It contains one of the few attractions (stingray city)that is actually worth visiting in Cayman (Unlike the Turtle farm! Waste of time and money, plus get it in your heads tourists and people that are not from Cayman find the idea of farming turtkes to EAT repulsive and horrifying). Anyway, re: Northsound, This is a ridiculous ide athat will likely impact the Northsound for the worse, destroying dive sites, stingray city and the marine environment and using a chinese company…silly silly idea. the chines are not know for their environmental concern now are they?! Ask yourselves, why do you need this channel?

  5. History of the Chinese in the Caribbean, in Antigua and also the Bahamas, is that they bring their own workers, and lots of them. No jobs for Caymanians when China is doing the work!

    Be worried – this is a real hazard for the island!

  6. What would the point of this channel be?
    Why should we trust the Premier for all that hes done in this situation?
    Would the government invest in training Caymanians to help to build this channel?
    What benefit(s) would putting this channel provide? We seem to be doing fine without it.
    Cayman is known for its beautiful waters, so why go and ruin a lot of them by putting this channel in?
    Do you think people are going to complain if this channel isnt put in? No. So why build it or even consider it in the first place?
    Why start an understanding with the Chinese who will simply bring in their own workers to do this project? Unemployment rates are already high enough for Cayman, and bringing in more foreign workers to save a buck isnt going to help that problem in the slightest.

  7. We should look stringently at Chinese investment and its effects in Africa – and the Pacific – and see who actually benefitted; it seems to have been the political class rather than the people and the country.
    Beware the Chinese bearing gifts. My particular concern is just what is the quid pro quo to the Chinese if they do invest money in such a project? They will certainly want carte blanche on temporary work permits. They wont put up with carrying large numbers of incompetent employees, whether Caymanians or Jamaicans or whatever.

  8. Bethinking:
    you might spare a thought for the Chinese people who have benefited from the Chinese Government over the yeras..famines, ruined educations, one parent families, compulsory abortions of second children, tanks against protesters etc.
    Is this the style of political development you want for Cayman?

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