Chang’s owners have new project

Chang’s Chinese Bistro closed its
doors in December after just under six months at the Treasure Island Resort.

Owner and operator Markus Mueri
said that the team behind the restaurant had made the decision because of their
commitments to other ongoing restaurant projects.

“We own three restaurants: Deckers,
Prime and Abacus, and in April somebody came and asked if we could help out
with Chang’s. We said, not really, as we were building another project at
Camana Bay. But they came back [to ask again] and we said, OK, we’ll put
something in there – but the problem was that we got extremely busy at Camana

“The one thing about hospitality is
that if you want to be successful, then you absolutely have to be there [at the
restaurant], which takes tender loving care at any time and at any moment.
Unfortunately, we ran out of time; we didn’t have the manpower to do it and
couldn’t split ourselves up any more” he said.


Interested parties

Mr. Mueri added that the decision
was then taken to rebrand the restaurant, which is currently closed. At
present, he said, there are parties interested in buying the site and meetings
are ongoing.

“I would love to give this to
somebody who has more time. I think it needs to be somebody to go there and be
there all the time because that’s what hospitality is all about.

“Once someone said to me, Markus,
if you don’t have the time for it, if you can’t put 100 per cent in, then let
it go now. Then when you have the time open it up again and give it to somebody
who has the time. It breaks my heart, but we just didn’t have that time.
November, December and January were very busy for us [at our other restaurants]
and it’s been very, very good.”

The new project of Mr. Mueri and business
partner Neil Bryington is a restaurant at Camana Bay opposite Michael’s Genuine
Food and Drink. It will offer globally inspired small plates, unique cocktails
and fine wines and will be called Karoo.

“That is our entire target right
now; it will be open toward the end of the year. We really believe Camana Bay
is the future and that’s where we invest all our time and money at this present