The travel pros

When travelling, you need reliable backup, and after some 30 years in the Cayman travel market, Travel Pros has the knowledge to make sure your travel experience is a pleasant one.

Travel Pros offers solutions for all types of travel, whether it is a regional family vacation or a business trip to the other side of the globe. The staff are well versed in the travel industry and have extensive personal travel experience that is invaluable when it comes to assisting customers. The company has an agent who is a specialist in travel to Cuba, and another who specialises in cruises and tours, and with a focus on customer service, the company can assist travellers in a variety of languages – English, Spanish, French and German.
Apart from the advantage of being able to draw on the knowledge of experienced travel professionals, Ellen Schwartz, managing director at Travel Pros, believes that dealing with a travel agent has numerous advantages over booking your travel online.

“We are our most valuable when there’s issues with the airlines, and of course you never anticipate there being a problem until there is one,” she said.

In fact, 2010 was a great year to illustrate this, between the British Airways strike, the volcanic ash cloud over Europe as well as the winter snow storms that closed many European airports.

“We are able to rebook our passengers much quicker than the airlines directly because we’re not dealing with hundreds of thousands of passengers – just our individual clients, and we have access to all the airlines, not just the one that they booked with,” said Ms Schwartz.

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