Your modern travel advisor?

Due to the availability of cheap flights and hotel rooms through the internet, it is no wonder that people primarily have become their own travel agents. However it is wise to consider the benefits of utilizing a Travel Advisor when proposing to visit somewhere you haven’t previously been or if you are going on a business trip that requires multiple airlines or complicated itineraries.

There are several things you cannot do efficiently on the internet. A search engine cannot offer the expertise, experience and personal service of a Travel Advisor. When something goes wrong on your trip (let’s not forget the recent volcanic ash clouds, airline strikes and bad weather), having a Travel Advisor at the end of the line makes it cheaper and easier for you to find the quickest way to rebook and get you where you’re supposed to be. Nobody wants to spend their vacation on an airport bench!

We are here for the person who wants to travel worry free and has better things to do than sit for hours surfing the internet for the cheapest fares, which may not always be your preferred option and can change by the second. All airlines prices today are determined by how many seats are available on a particular flight. We can find the best price depending on how many seats are left.

There are still many advantages to using travel agencies and their services. As Travel Advisors, we are not only committed to finding you the best deals, it is our obligation to clarify and inform you of the details in ‘fine print’, which may be overlooked when booking on the internet. Too often travelers are not aware of certain stipulations and exceptions, whether it be with a hotel, car rental agency, cruise line or an airline itself, until it is too late. What may appear to be the ‘best deal’ when perusing the internet might very well turn out not to be once the hidden fees are applied and the restrictions known.

The public doesn’t generally have the knowledge that a Travel Advisor has about the destination’s restaurants, hotels, visas/ documentation requirements and attractions. This is where a Travel Advisor can help tremendously. We aim to have an itinerary planned for our clients before they go, depending on their likes and dislikes and what they are looking for. That is why when a person comes to us we don’t ask “what tour do you want to go on”. We ask a lot of questions first to find a tour that matches your personality. As travel advisors we now are focusing towards more “service based” activities.  As opposed to just supplying the actual action, we supply information and service. We do everything for the client, our focus is to ensure that our client whether travelling on business or personal is absolutely ready for their trip and worry free. We are like a complimentary “concierge services”, rather than just the actual booking process

If you book through a travel agency all you have to do is make one quick phone call! The 6% service fee you pay may be the most economical decision of your travel plans. Whether it be for your next vacation or a coming business trip, give Longitude Travel a call and make the experience worry free.

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