‘Cuisine of the Sun’ a real hot spot

It was only when I hosted a culinary event at the Ritz-Carlton in 2010 that I realised what a lack of female chefs there are in the business. As I faced a table of all men (usually a dream come true), I wondered at the difference in percentages.

I am therefore happy to hear that Ortanique, the newest addition to the envied Camana Bay address, is owned by Chef Cindy Hutson, an award-winning chef with a fascinating background. She is extremely well-travelled, particularly around the Caribbean, which makes her restaurant an excellent choice to join the local scene.

Ortanique “Cuisine of the Sun” overlooks The Harbour in The Crescent, an ideal spot for picture-perfect views. The menu features many familiar ingredients with a unique twist. I’ll give you a hint – not all the Red Stripe is in the bottles, and not all the Blue Mountain Coffee is in the mugs.

Jerk seasonings can be found among the appetisers and entrees, and of course where would we be without some conch? This staple and favourite is expertly manipulated to create delicious Conch Fritters and a “Peruvian Style” ceviche.

There is a generous splash (ha-ha) of seafood in the menu, but those who favour land-based ingredients will not be disappointed.

Ortanique is open for lunch and dinner, so if you want to take a break from the office, you can stop by for a simple soup, salad, slider or sandwich, or tuck into an entrée that’ll give you the strength to get through the rest of the day.

Any way you slice it, Ortanique is a little slice of heaven.