Lloyd Cup on offer

In recent months darts in the Cayman Islands has placed extra focus on getting new talent. The sport now has a new initiative to help get 
new blood.

This Saturday and Sunday will see the start of the Trevor Lloyd Cup.

The monthly competition will serve as a steady introduction to darts throughout 2011.

The plan is for it to develop into a feeder system for the 2012 national team.

The first games in the Cup are 29-30 January at 5pm at Corner Pocket bar with registration taking place 4-4.50pm.

The competition, put on by the Cayman Islands Darts Association, is in memory of Trevor Lloyd.

The Scotsman passed away last November at age 60 after suffering a sudden heart attack.

Lloyd was a darts association member and served as organizer/competitor in the Vivian Rankine memorial 
darts tournament.

Spearheading the Trevor Lloyd Cup is darts association president Paul Anglin.

The West Bay native explained the competition is about finding new talent.

“The time has come to introduce the Trevor Lloyd Monthly Cup,” Anglin said. “These games are open to anyone who has been on island for six months or more and will take place on the last Saturday and Sunday of each month. The player with the most points for each month will be named player of the month and at the end of the year the player with the most wins and points will be named player of the year. A $5 fee per player will be collected at the end of each month before game play. Money collected every three months will be divided in half with the association getting half and the other half being divided between the top male and female at that time.”

The format of matches will be slightly different from normal. On the men’s side it will be the 501 singles event with the winner being the first to win three games.

Points will be given for scores of 120-180, low dart games (finishing in 21 darts and under) and high finishes (110-170). For the women it will be a 501 singles format with the winner emerging from a best-of-three series.

Points awarded for scores of 95 and above, low dart games (27 darts and under) and high finishes (86-170). Everyone is slated to play each other roughly five times over 12 months.

Anglin went on to say that the sport is in dire need of increasing its numbers.

“We’re looking to get more players involved. I’m sure there is hidden talent out there and we’re trying to bring it out. We want to find it and get it into the association. The tournament will eventually determine the national team for the 2012 Caribbean Championship. Once the players join they will pay the normal membership fee (CI$25), become an official member and join a team.

“If they can’t compete regularly, that’s OK. At the end of the year the national team will be picked. The sport is lacking players. We used to have a lot before but it keeps getting low. We’re trying to build 
it back up.”

For more information call Paul Anglin at 917-6084.