Super Bowl fever take grips

When the Super Bowl approaches football fever of the American kinds takes over, so with the two teams now decided, sporting banter will centre around whether the Pittsburg Steelers have the power to tear apart the Green Bay Packers.

Super Bowl XLV will be the 45th annual edition of the Super Bowl on 6 February and will pit the AFC champion Steelers against the NFC champions Packers. The game is at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Kickoff time is around 5:25pm CST, which is 1:25pm Cayman time.

The Cayman flag football fraternity will be keeping a close watch, especially Brendon Malice, who has ambitions of going to the US to coach. Malice plays for Burger King who despite their name are solid athletes who reached the championship final. “I will be supporting the Packers,” he said. “The Packers were the sixth seed and went on the road and beat the top three teams in the NFC -Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago. That is no easy task. I like the defence especially outside line backer Clay Matthews.

“I normally support the Buffalo Bills and the Tama Bay Buccaneers. Buffalo have been hard to support the last 10 years. Hopefully they can return to their 90s dominance again.”

Malice see a lopsided win for the Packers. “The Packers defence does not get enough credit. They were the toughest in the playoffs to score on. Aaron Rodgers (aka Steve Carrell) is the best QB in the NFL right now. I just don’t see the Packers losing. Pittsburgh is a great team and have a boat load of players who have played in the Super Bowl however they will struggle on both sides with the slowing down the Packers defence and offence.

“I’m not sure were I will be watching the game yet. Leaning towards the Dog House or Treasure Island.”

Alicia Mulvihill knows she’ll be supporting the Packers but is not a huge fan of their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. She normally supports the Bucs but is still interested to watch this game. “Both teams had a good season and I think it’ll be a close game. At least I hope so.

“I’ll watch it at home so I can actually see the game.”

Ali Amos is a quarterback in Cayman’s women’s flag football leagues. She says, “I’ll be supporting the Packers as the Steelers beat out my Jets. I really wanted to see the two green team Super Bowl. I will watch the game at Lone Star but would way rather be at the game in person. I’m banking on Rodgers and Clay Matthews getting the job done for the Packers.”

Cindy Blekaitis is a member of Cayman’s women rugby team and plays flag to a high level. “I’m going for the Steelers, my brother is a big fan so I must support his team, although I normally support the San Diego Chargers. The Super Bowl will be an awesome game. I’m looking forward to seeing the Steelers defence take apart the Packers.

“I’ll be at a Super Bowl party as usual at a friend’s house with a huge pot of chili and I couldn’t care less now that New York is not in it. I was cheering for the NY Giants the whole time…then when they went out the NY Jets…I’m just a fan of NY period.”

The sports bars around Cayman are also getting geared up for the day. Troy Cole from the Dog House says, “We will have two, fifteen foot, outdoor screens with additional sound for Superbowl Sunday and we are organising a “tailgate barbecue” with jerk chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers.” There will also be football related give aways. The Dog House is always children friendly and on that Sunday along with the usual kids areas, they will be bringing in a bouncy castle so the kids can enjoy a super day too.