Barcadere filled many pockets

The first fishing event for the year proved to give many locals extra money for 2011.

A total of 34 boats (with three in Cayman Brac) competed in The Barcadere Classic fishing tournament that was held on 22-23 January. Three dolphin, nine yellowfin tuna and 25 Wahoo above the minimum weight were weighed in at the Barcadere Marina.

Second heaviest dolphin prize was CI$1,000 sponsored by ValvTect Marine Fuel. Justin Ebanks aboard Blue Moon caught the fish, which weighed 21.4 pounds. The heaviest Dolphin prize was $2,000, sponsored by Scotia Bank, and was claimed by Oliver DuBock aboard Makaira 2 for a 22.4lb catch.

The second heaviest yellowfin tuna prize was $1,000, sponsored by BCQS International, and was nabbed by Jodi Hydes aboard Strike Force for a 39.8lb fish. Marlon Bodden of Outcast nabbed a 44lb tuna, which claimed the top prize of $2,000, sponsored by BCQS International.

Third heaviest wahoo prize was $1,000, sponsored by Scotts Landing, and went to Justin Ebanks aboard Blue Moon for a 46lb catch. Second heaviest wahoo prize was $3,000, sponsored by Scott’s Marine and was claimed by Samara Persaud aboard Miss Nicole for her 47lb specimen. Bruce Bush of Howdy laid claim to the heaviest wahoo prize of $5,000 for a 53lb catch.

Samara Persaud was awarded the lady angler prize of a spa treatment sponsored by The Cayman Islands Angling Club for her wahoo catch. John Sperando was awarded the junior angler prize of an autographed Guy Harvey book sponsored by The Cayman Islands Angling Club for catching a 32.4lb Wahoo aboard Reel Crazy 2.

Cameron Ebanks aboard Who’s Ya Daddy was awarded the marlin release prize of Guy Harvey artwork sponsored by Guy Harvey. The raffle ticket winners were: Dane Walton, who won the first prize of two return trip tickets to any Cayman Airways Gateway sponsored by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and Cayman Airways and Tony Parsons, who won the second prize of boat detailing sponsored by Boats and Butlers. All proceeds have been donated to The Cayman Islands Diabetes Charitable Trust and Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

The Barcadere Marina and the Cayman Islands Angling Club would like to thank all of the sponsors: Scotts Landing, ValvTect Marine Fuel, Scott’s Marine, BCQS International, Scotia Bank, Guy Harvey, Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, Cayman Airways, Vibe 98.9 fm, SPIN 94.9 FM, Boats and Butlers, Barnes Bartender Service, Cracked Conch and Macabuca and The Catboat Club.

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