Jervis put his Skyline beyond everyone’s horizon

The recent international meet at Breakers Speedway saw a lot of Caribbean racers. Most competed on the track while others were there to scout.

Among the scouts were Nicholas Mohammed of Godzilla motorsports. The Trinidad native was in Cayman assessing the track and the local motorsports community. Mohammed was impressed with what he saw.

“My crew and I really liked it,” Mohammed said. “The competition was good for this race. We’re definitely coming back to run.” Mohammed currently races three cars in a Toyota Tercel, a Nissan Skyline R32 and Ford Escort (which has a full-tube shape).

In Trinidad the Escort is renowned for sporting 474 wheel horsepower, a 2JZ-GTE engine from a Toyota Supra that is powered by methanol and running a 10-second time on the quarter mile.

Interestingly Mohammed stirred up controversy. He got into words with Caymanian racer Jody Jervis, who has the fastest Skyline on island. Basically Mohammed intends to do battle with Jervis for the next meet. “I will have my car tuned for April and I’m coming for Jody. I want no one else but him. I want to come and beat him.”

Jervis competed last year and famously beat Jamaican racer Craig Lue. This time around he was a spectator. Yet in spite of other commitments and work being done to his car Jervis intends to race the Trinidadian in a few months time.

“Nicholas reminds me of a hot air balloon,” Jervis said. “In racing terms he’s being a nitrous or Nitrous Oxide System mouth. He has nothing but empty threats. His Skyline ran a 9.6 seconds in the quarter mile in Trinidad while my Skyline has run 9.5 seconds. I would love for him to come down and get his backside handed to him. He can bring anyone of his less competent cars to get beat.”

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