Brittain makes baby steps back

At the Cross Island Relay on Sunday there will be a welcome return of Cayman’s speediest road runner, Scott Brittain.

A nagging foot injury has plagued him for almost two years, meaning he couldn’t even start the Cayman Marathon in December, an event he holds the course record in.

Brittain said: “I’ve done plenty of runs since the start of the year and the foot feels fairly good. I’m cautious of not putting in too many miles or too many sessions this year with all the problems I’ve had. At the moment, I’m just trying to get in a bit of shape for the UBS team for the Cross Island Relay.

“I’m not looking past the relay at the moment. I don’t think I’ll make any plans to incorporate an overseas marathon into this year’s schedule. I will most likely limit the training to a few days a week to keep fit for Gaelic football and touch rugby during the year in an attempt to reduce the risk of the foot flaring up again. At least if I am keeping up a little bit of training, I will have a base to start some more serious training should I feel up to it.

“I was seeing Amanda at the Da Vinci Center physiotherapists for about six weeks prior to New York in November just to give me the best chance of getting to the start line.

“These sort of events are booked months in advance so when an injury happens half way through your preparation, it’s not a case of cancelling the trip and the whole experience of running a big city marathon you have always wanted to do.

“You do the best you can to get on that start line and hope you can make the distance on the day, even if it is no where near as fast as what you were originally hoping for.”

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