Steelers defence must hold

American football fans focus their attention on the Super Bowl when the Green Bay Packers take on the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Dallas Stadium on Sunday. The Packers are slight favourites but many fancy the Steelers for their solid defence.

Flag footballer Brendon Malice said: “I

think the Packers will win by 17 points. They are really hot right now. To make it to the Super Bowl the Packers had the toughest path.

“They had to play three divisional champions – Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago – all on the road. The Packers did that with ease. I think their defence is the best in the NFL and their offense is not bad either.

“Aaron Rodgers (Packers quarterback) is the best in the league when playing in a dome or covered stadium. Giving the Packers two weeks to rest up is also going to make life difficult for the Steelers.

“I normally support the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Lately the Bills have been very hard to watch. They did not win many games. Hopefully they can return to winning by 2015. The Buccaneers had a great season just missing out on the playoffs. I think Tampa will be okay over the next few years.” Malice will probably watch the game at Dog House.

George ‘Teddy’ Hydes is head coach of the all-conquering Spin 94.9FM Hellcats and a former president of the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association.

He said: “I will be supporting Green Bay although in the past I would have supported the AFC champion but as I’m a Miami Dolphins fan Pittsburgh winning their seventh title would give their fans a little too much bragging rights. There is only one team I’ve supported since I was a child and that is and will always be the Miami Dolphins.

“I feel the Steelers will probably prevail because they have been here before and won’t be overwhelmed with the big stage, also they have an excellent defence that will get constant pressure and hits on Rodgers and as we saw in the NFC championship game, once the Bears checked Rodgers chin in the second half of their game he was not the same.

“I will probably watch the game at The Dog House because the Super Bowl is all about the atmosphere and since I will be cheering for the Packers and usually there are a lot of Steeler fans at Dog House, which should make for some good back and forth trash talking.”

There are plenty of sports bars showing the big match. One of the best to get the whole package of big screens, food and drink and atmosphere is the Lone Star on West Bay Road which recently added a bank of screens to attract a more sporting crowd.

Lone Star owner Kim Lund said: “We continue to pick up every weekend and the feedback, especially about the food, is excellent!

“It will still take some time to win back all those who have digressed to other venues, but we seem to be winning back our customers, as they come in to give us another try. Business has been up substantially over the last year. For Super Bowl, we are putting our package together. It will be another good party with discounted food and drink specials.”

But there’s sad news for fans of Centre Spot, the delightful little sports bar in Mary St. It is closing down this weekend but going out in party style with lots of drinks specials, including free well shots and free refreshments. With Super Bowl on, Premiership soccer, Anderson Silva fighting in UFC 126, international cricket and the NBA, there is absolutely no reason to leave Centre Spot from Friday afternoon to Sunday night!

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