Give a gift with love

A Valentine’s gift has to be chosen very carefully depending on the relationship between the two people.

If you have only known your Valentine for a few weeks it might seem a bit premature to get a very expensive gift, instead it’s probably safer to opt for flowers and chocolates.

Red roses are of course the flowers that shout out love, also the number you give is supposed to have significance though the meanings attached to numbers seem to vary, so probably the person receiving them will be none the wiser either!

Making up your own gift basket is a nice idea.

Fill it with little gifts such as chocolate hearts, candles, framed photos, massage oils or a piece of jewellery, in fact anything that you feel is romantic or has significance for both of you.

Do a similar thing for the man in your life but instead of chocolate substitute beer, cologne and a pair of boxer shorts.

Jewellery is another Valentine special as it signifies that you treasure the person.

It also has the added bonus that every time the receiver wears it they will think of the person who gave them and so you are always very close to them!

For Valentines Day Debbie van der Bol of Pure Art suggests going for jewellery in the red and pink colours that everyone associates with Valentine’s Day.

They stock red coral bracelets and pendants.

They also have hand made, heart shaped pendants made out of Caymanite with bracelets to match also with a heart.

If you don’t want red, black coral pendants look spectacular, also in the shape of a heart.

These pieces are all made from local materials so people are getting a bit of Caribbean romance with their jewellery too.

Pure Art is always a treasure trove for all types of gifts. Debbie suggests that another gift ladies will appreciate is their selection of body lotions and potions made from natural ingredients.

Sterling & Stone, located in the Cayside Galleries, is another good source for jewellery for men and women.

They stock a range of semi-precious stones set in sterling silver.

Another speciality is stainless steel jewellery, torque bracelets and beautiful chain link designs for men and women.

They also have a wide range of belly rings in all shapes and sizes made from surgical steel and stock stud earrings in a variety of colours and sizes.

Perfume and cologne are other possibilities as it’s not difficult to find out what your love’s favourite perfume or cologne is just ask them what that beautiful smell is and then go get it.

Remember a Valentine’s gift does not have to be something physical; it could be a great experience for you both.

Have a massage together, book a boat trip, go in a helicopter; basically whatever turns you on, rekindles romance and deepens lurve.

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