Phil and Brendon flag many plans

Like many sports in the Cayman
Islands, flag football is looking to grow in popularity for 2011. Two men are
looking to take the discipline to the next level.

The Cayman Islands Flag Football
Association recently elected its new executive board. Leading the group is Phil
Brown as President and Brendon Malice as Vice-President. Both are stalwarts of
the sport having played in the men’s league and been part of the executive
committee for a number of years.

Joining them on the board is
Secretary Sophia Dilbert, Treasurer Rex Whittaker, Public Relations Officer
Kathy Miller, Women’s Representative Jessica Pawlik, Men’s Representative
Oliver Parker, Website Coordinator Stephanie Watler and Field Supervisor Andrew
Wisdom. All are on a one year tenure with elections normally held every

Brown serves as President for the
first time and takes over from Jamal Young. Both are members of the Hellcats
team. He states flag football has a number of plans in the works this year.

“This is my first time being
President,” Brown said. “I was Treasurer, Vice President and Secretary in the
past seven years. So it feels good. We got a good group of people on board as
people like Brendon bring insight. We got a lot of ideas and plans, starting
with a four-on-four tournament scheduled for 19 February.

“There is also the co-ed league
slated to start 25 February. We want to grow that and see it split into an A
and B division to bring out more people. We’re thinking of an October
seven-a-side tournament that would happen after the adult season in the summer.
We’d also like to take a couple of teams to the Bahamas to play in their

“Of course we want to grow the
youth league, which started last weekend. I’ll be out there personally for that
competition every Saturday morning. From being referee to coach I’ll be doing a
little bit of everything. On the whole we’re aiming to raise the profile of the
sport, possibly to the level of a focus sport. We want to cater to everyone,
male or female, regardless of their skill level.”

Malice, who has played in recent
years for the Burger King Panthers, states he wants to see flag football
continue to be an authority for American football in Cayman.

“I served on the board before back
in 2006,” Malice said. “Being VP is good but it’s just another responsibility
as I coach and play in the leagues. Phil and I have good ideas and we want more
involvement from the community in order to get more people into the leagues. At
the end of the day we represent American football on the island and we want to
continue to be an outlet for football fans here.

“In addition we would like to
produce a Frank Davis of our own. He was a guy that played flag football in
Panama and didn’t speak English yet he got a football scholarship to the
University of South Florida. Eventually he was drafted by the Detroit Lions in
the National Football League. He proves that flag football can get a professional
career and be used for more than recreation.”


Flag football is reaching a wider playing base.
Photo: Matthew Yates

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