Florists ready for traditional Valentine’s tokens of love

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, couples the world over are preparing to celebrate their relationships by sharing specials gifts as tokens of their affection.

Traditionally, there are several cultural expectations that have come to accompany Valentine’s Day, including the bestowing of candy or chocolate. Wine is also almost always worth quite a few points with the fairer sex. But it seems you cannot go wrong with giving a nice card and roses to your true love, regardless of gender. In fact, bouquets have become synonymous with Valentine’s Day and are the romantic gesture of choice.

This year, most of the florists around Grand Cayman said they are ready for the rush and gave a brief forecast of what kind of prices consumers could expect.

At Celebrations, 12 single roses, excluding the trimmings and greenery, should not set you back more than $115. The store has enlisted the services of several new designers as well, according to Floor Supervisor Sharon Kirchman, who added that tulips are a thrifty alternative to roses. She pointed out that the store would be offering 12 of the flowers, with fillers and greenery, for $75.

Ms Kirchman said aqua bouquets that require no vases and are quite convenient would also be available. Individuals who make their Valentine’s Day orders before 12 February will be entered into a prize draw.

At Every Bloomin’ Thing, owner Tara Handal said a dozen roses would cost a little more than $100, adding that prices had not been calculated as yet.

This year’s Valentine’s theme at Every Bloomin’ Thing is “find your fortune,” and is centred on the fortune cookie, as well as Asian-themed flower arrangements. Customers at Every Bloomin’ Thing will also be entered in a prize draw to win a romantic stay at the Ritz-Carlton.

Ms Handal said that among the bevy of goodies that will help to say “I love you”, are teddy bears with heart paws, oversized chocolate kisses and cookie boxes with special messages, “Although,” Ms Handal said, “generally speaking, it’s all about roses.”

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