Lighten Up: Catherine Tyson

Lighten Up is a television show that is destined to make you smile, laugh out loud, say “hhhmmm” and have you looking over your shoulder to see if someone was actually reading your mind, according to the show’s creative producer and star, Catherine Tyson.

Lighten Up is more than a night-time entertainment show, she says.

It is a woman not afraid to be funny and real all at the same time, while still looking fabulous at any age.

“I love people and I love working with people and I love talking to people about their crap,” she says.

Tyson pushes the envelope and makes you think about the simple nuances of adult behaviour that everyone experiences.

In her comedic delivery, she manages to marry the counsellor and the comic, with little anecdotes on life in general.

No stranger to the media and known for being Somebody’s Mama, Catherine Tyson, with this new project, aims to put a smile on everyone’s face with her mantra and moniker of “just Lighten Up folks.”

“It’s two-fold. It’s lighten up and lighten your load,” she says.

A professed observer and theorist, Tyson takes a little bit of what she brought to Cayman Let’s Talk on Cayman 27, Talk Today on Radio Cayman, her On Life column in the Caymanian Compass, and her first book, I’m Somebody’s Mama, to the show.

In true Tyson form, with her sassy attitude, girl-next-door charm and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, one never knows what she is up to next.

Lighten Up is coming to Cayman 27 on 15 February.

“It’s two-fold. It’s lighten up and lighten your load.” -
Catherine Tyson, host, Lighten Up

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