Printmaking film 
at Art Flix show

All About Prints: 500 Years of Prints and Printmaking will be the featured showing on Wednesday, 16 February, at the National Gallery.

The screening will be at 6.30pm at the National Gallery, Harbour Place.

“It is important to provide a platform for discussion about the arts, and Art Flix is designed to provide stimulus for that discussion,” says artist David Bridgeman, who introduces each film with a short lecture. “It would be good to see more of Cayman’s artists at the event since many of the films deal with today’s contemporary artists, their practice and their studios.”

All About Prints

All About Prints is a documentary that invites novices and experienced collectors to explore the art of printmaking from the perspective of influential curators, collectors, dealers, printmakers, and artists.

Shot in Hi-Definition at museum print rooms, print fairs, galleries, and print workshops in America and Europe, All About Prints explores the collaborative nature of printmaking, the democratic character of multiples, and the deep-rooted traditions of the art form.

The documentary profiles masters of the 19th century like Homer and Whistler; the important contribution of Edward Hopper; the influence of Mexican muralists; the formative years of the Federal Art Project of the WPA; the ‘60s print boom; and the ever-evolving techniques of contemporary artists such as Kiki Smith.

All About Prints is a Stereopticon Pictures Production produced and directed by Christopher Noey.

The film was made possible by the support of Reba and Dave Williams through The Print Research Foundation.

Art Flix

On the third Wednesday of each month, the National Gallery presents public screenings of art films and documentaries relating to the history of art.

Attendees are invited to discuss the films following the screenings.

“Art Flix is a series of films dedicated to the visual arts. Its intention is to cover various media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, architecture, mixed media and installation,” Mr. Brideman says. “The series covers everything from early civilisation to contemporary art.”

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