Barbie and Ken back together again


She said yes!

After a long period of wooing that
included going to such extremes as advertising his love all throughout New York
City, Barbie is taking her main man Ken back.

Ken left no stone unturned in his
quest to get the bodacious blonde back.

He put his heart on his proverbial
sleeve, posting on billboards starting 24 January and on the Times Square
Jumbotron starting 7 February with such sentiments as “Barbie, I want you
back,” “Barbie, you’re the only doll for me,” “Barbie, we were made for each
other,” and a favourite, “Barbie, we may be plastic but our love is real.”

“Every doll dreams of romance and
being swept off her feet,” Barbie continued. “Ken’s made that dream come true!”

The plastic pair have a long
history — logging in some 43 years as significant others — going through many
looks, themes and hair colours.

The two were introduced in 1961 on
the beach when Barbie was a blond and Ken sported brown locks.

 When the two officially became boyfriend and
girlfriend in 1962, he was the blond and she had adopted some brunette glamour.

The disco era was good to the pair,
both blond, glamorous and ready to party on a dance floor or at the beach
(hello, Malibu Barbie and her dune buggy).

Apparently, Barbie likes that beach
look a little too much, as it was the root of her unravelling from Ken.

In 2004, she took up with Blaine,
an Australian surfer dude, and kicked Ken to the curb.

There have been flirtations since
then, but it seems that momentum for Ken started building after his appearance
in “Toy Story 3,” which portrayed him as the ultimate bachelor.

Getting back together seemed to be
their ultimate destiny. “No doll can resist a sweet talker like Ken,” Barbie

In honour of their reunited state,
Mattel is issuing a bathing-suited Barbie and Ken “She Said Yes” set for a mere
$5 as a nod to the original dolls from the ’60s.

Talk about a love story for the


Barbie and Ken, America’s favourite fabulous plastic dolls, have a long history, logging in some 43 years as significant others.

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