Cayman photographer succeeds in New York

Caymanian photographer Kenroy Lumsden is currently appearing in Resource Magazine’s winter issue as part of an ad campaign for Scheimpflug, the photo and digital lighting company which he manages in New York City.

The ad features Mr. Lumsden armed with hefty lighting gear and standing atop a mountain of sandbags as if preparing to lead his army into battle.

He has a don’t-mess-with-me look in his eyes, which characterizes the tough attitude needed to survive the cutthroat world of professional photography in New York City.

The ad is a double-page spread with placement at the front of the magazine and it boasts Kenroy’s reinvention of Scheimpflug, positioning it as one of the industry’s most respected photo production and lighting sources.

“We wanted to make sure the image in the ad was powerful,” said Mr. Lumsden. “And I think our team did a great job portraying Scheimpflug’s strength with this ad. We’ve had great feedback from folks in the industry since this issue came out – it seems the ad is doing its job.”

Mr. Lumsden also explained that the photo industry in New York City can be a gruelling business.

“If you take a look behind the scenes of any glamorous photo shoot, you’ll see an un-glamorous world filled with steel, cables and guys hauling equipment. That’s what Scheimpflug does – we are the power behind the scenes. We make it happen,” he said.

Scheimpflug’s founder and owner, John Engstrom, is pleased with the ad’s impact so far.

“Kenroy’s strong personality and drive have helped us improve our service offering, he said. “He’s a natural leader and the crew respects him. Plus, he’s loved by our clients, so it seemed obvious to include him in our 2011 advertising.”

The print magazine is circulated in the US and Canada.


Kenroy Lumsden, superhero photographer.
Photo: Submitted

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