Visa lottery scam warning

The RCIPS Financial Unit is warning
residents not to be fooled by an official looking e-mail stating the recipient is
the winner in the Diversity Visa Lottery and requesting cash  be sent to the UK.

The e-mail claiming to have been
sent from the US Department is designed to deceive the recipient into believing
this is the real deal, when in fact’s it’s just another way a criminal is trying
to dupe you out of money and your personal information according to Detective
Chief Inspector Claudia Brady.

 “The Diversity Visa is not offered in the Caribbean.
Therefore, anyone who receives this e-mail should not enter into any kind of
communication, send any personal details or transfer cash to the author.

“Like so many of the e-mail scams
currently circulating, the perpetrator has spent a great deal of time and
effort making the communication appear genuine – using logos, government
terminology and information.

But, no matter how authentic the
e-mail appears to be, do not respond or you will lose your cash.”

For more information on how to
avoid becoming a scam victim contact the RCIPS Financial Crime Unit on



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