Dressage Challenge will provide invaluable experience for novices

The Equestrian Centre will be buzzing with activity on Tuesday as the Federation Equestrian International World Dressage Challenge is staged in George Town.

Dressage does not involve jumping over fences but guiding horses through a series of complex manoeuvres by slight movements of the rider’s hands, legs and weight. It is sometimes called ballet for horses, so intricate are the moves.

It is the most important show of the year for Cayman’s riders at the centre, off Linford Pierson Highway.

The major objectives of this dressage competition are is to give less experienced dressage riders – who under normal circumstances cannot compete in international competitions – some invaluable insight into what it takes to be a top rider.

International travel is difficult and expensive so this is a great chance to hone dressage skills.

This competition also helps to introduce the next generations to dressage.

Last year, 259 Children from 50 federations competed in the challenge.

It helps that internationally experienced FEI judges give the riders a clinic to teach them dressage.

Each group of countries is judged by the same ground jury composed of two FEI judges.

The competition starts at 4pm with Mary McTaggart, the Equestrian Centre’s owner and a coach herself, going first, on Partenon.

At ten minute intervals thereafter the riders in the preliminary class adults are Elsie Boone (Apache), Joe Jackson (Monroe Carr), Ashley Scaletta (Rambo), Hollie Coleman (Karma) and Meghan Millward at 4.50pm on Iggy Pop.

From 5.10pm, in the preliminary class youth, first off is Polly Serpell (My Shadow), then Thea Millward (Storm) and Charlotte Hinds on Posh.

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