Chamber explores ways to save money

The Chamber of Commerce released a benefits survey on 8 February to see how it can best serve the needs of the membership through discount and affinity programmes.

“In an effort to save our members and their employees’ money, the Chamber Council is exploring opportunities of new affinity products to reduce costs by taking advantage of the size of our membership and the number of workers these organisations employ,” said James O’Neill, president of the Chamber of Commerce.

“Business and household operational costs have increased dramatically over the past five years, and it is our intention to relieve some of these burdens through group buying power opportunities.

This survey will confirm our members’ level of interest and the items that rank high in their list of priorities,” he said. “Based on the outcome of this survey we will know which lines of investigation to pursue to create some money saving products for our members.

“The survey takes 20 minutes to complete and the results will enable the Chamber to better communicate the needs of private businesses in the Cayman Islands as we negotiate with insurance providers to offer our members better rates and coverage.”

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