dms to flag cars 
for Hospice Care

On dms Broadcasting’s 11th annual Flag Weekend on 25 and 26 February, volunteers will be flagging down cars and passersby for donations.

In addition to the media support from the dms Broadcasting stations, volunteers from the company will be on the streets to raise money for Cayman Hospice Care.

To give an energy boost, Jules of HOT 104.1’s The Morning Grind will broadcast live on Friday in the centre of George Town, opposite the post office, while Hot’s programme director, Chuck Taylor, holds down fort at Hot’s Studio on Godfrey Nixon Way.

Between 7 and 9am on Friday, 25 February DMS volunteers will be posted at vantage points all around the post office, requesting donations from passersby.

DMS Broadcasting Market Manager Dan Charleston said: “Cayman HospiceCare is an organisation that DMS as a whole has actively advocated on behalf of for many years, and this event in particular is one that we really look forward to.

“There is always such a sense of camaraderie, and we are always overwhelmed by the generosity of Cayman’s people to reach in their pockets for a good cause. The admirable work of Cayman HospiceCare deserves the support of the community …”

In the past two years dms Broadcasting and DMS have helped to raise more than $6,500.

On behalf of Cayman HospiceCare, Jennifer Grant-McCarthy said, “We are always impressed by everyone’s generosity and willingness to show their support, no matter how much – every donation counts.

Also, thank you to DMS, as without the support of the local business community, this event would not be the success that it is. Last year, DMS alone raised more than $2,500 in the hours they did the broadcast from the downtown area.”

Added Preston on behalf of HOT 104.1, “Our team will be out there sporting the bright green shirts as we flag down cars and have a good time.

We encourage anyone else who wants to join us to meet us down there – it’s definitely a more-the-merrier attitude when it comes to charity.”

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