Academy Awards night Oscar party snacks

Celebrate Hollywood’s biggest night with a menu full of flavour, variety and nutrition.

You can feel good about what you serve and your guests will never miss the usual high-calorie options.

Instead of greasy potato chips and high-fat dip, bake whole wheat pita wedges and serve with a tasty bean dip. This switch saves calories and provides B-vitamins and fibre.

Instead of the usual veggie tray, serve snap peas, yellow tomatoes and red peppers with hummus. The platter will look beautiful and provide a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Nuts are easy to serve and can be a heart-healthy snack. Most varieties contain fibre, Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E – but remember, they are high in fat and calories so stick to proper portions.

Popcorn is another easy snack and is a whole grain. Make your own to lower the fat and sodium and serve in movie theatre boxes for a fun alternative.

For dessert, bake your favourite brownies, but reduce the sugar by one half, use applesauce instead of oil and cut into small bite-size portions. Fresh fruit is also a great dessert – cut strawberries, grapes, apples and bananas and use low-fat yogurt as a dip.

Alcohol provides no nutrition and the calories add up quick. Serve sparkling water or flavour your water with orange slices or strawberries instead of the usual lemon and lime wedges.

Prepare foods that honour Best Picture nominees, such as mini English cucumber sandwiches on brown bread for The King’s Speech or a kids’ favourite of low-fat grilled cheese triangles for Toy Story 3.

Even if your favourite movie does not take home the night’s big award, you can still win big by throwing a healthy party and sticking to your goals.

Kristen Lomas is a registered dietitian at Seven Mile Medical Clinic.

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