Dualism of the poet

Cayman resident Nolan “Falcon” Foster recently published a book of poetry titled Light to Darkness – Darkness to Light that is now being sold on island.

“The book is already out. It was published last year,” he says. “It was self-published and published by Trafford Publishers in the United States and Canada. It’s only recently been available in Hobbies & Books.”

Foster, who was born in Jamaica and moved to the Cayman Islands in 2005, says he loves working with words.

“The book is a collection of poems that I’ve done over a period of 10 years, and it means a great deal to me finally having it published and in stores,” he says. “I’ve always been encouraged by family and friends to do this and they have found my poetry insightful and inspirational.”

The title of the book was chosen rather carefully, he says.

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“The book is titled Light to Darkness – Darkness to Light as I’m trying to drive the contrast of life and its duality,” he says.

The Yin Yang symbol is used on the cover and, inside the book, it’s used again, but reversed.

“It’s meaning is when you get to the middle, it gets upside-down and you start from the reverse cover,” he says. “Uniquely done, again to emphasise the duality of life.”

Darkness to Light

I was unconsciously pulled into a brain washed system

One that taught that God was a vengeful God and I should fear him

I was young and I swallowed it up, hook, line and sinker

They convinced me it was the only way because I was a sinner

I had questions that they just could not answer, they quoted from the bible

No thought was put to their beliefs, they just accepted that this is it, it’s that simply

Then I noticed they chose only certain scriptures to live by

There were others that contradicts, but they never asked why

The best advise they ever gave me was that I needed a personal relationship with God

I set out to acquire my own answers and happy to say I now know God

Spiritually now they can’t compare, nothing they’ve experienced to what I now share

With my God, a God of love, caring, compassion, not a god of fear

I now know that God is literally everywhere and in all of his creations

In the rocks, the cats, the birds, the fishes, the sand, the earth and yes in us as humans

You could say my eyes are now opened or that I’ve become enlightened

Now I treat everyone around me as I treat myself, or better yet as equals

No more will I be confused and going around asking ridiculous questions

Like, if this Christianity why is there so many denominations

I am like the great I am, I am at peace at harmony with me, because I now know me

Who am I you might be asking yourself, I am like God because God is like me

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