UCCI’s Caribbean 
Conference set

The University College of the Cayman Islands is hosting its second annual Caribbean Conference on Thursday and Friday, 17 and 18 March.

The theme – Leadership, Governance and Empowerment – is the backdrop to discussions on education, economic development and nation-building.

“When we speak of leadership, governance and empowerment in the Caribbean, we cover every aspect from the simplest to the most sophisticated,” said UCCI President Roy Bodden.

He explained how, individually, residents contribute daily to these principles whenever one volunteers for community projects, manages their personal affairs or supports charities.

“The upcoming conference to be held at the University College is open to every person residing in the Cayman Islands. It presents a wonderful opportunity for persons across the society to become involved because these issues are relevant to every person in the community. That’s why we encourage community-wide involvement,” Mr. Bodden said.

James Myles, a member of the Planning Committee, said: “On behalf of the Youth Services Unit, our commitment is to empower our nation, one youth at a time. That’s why we implore all young people and their families to attend the UCCI conference, which aims to energise and invigorate the spirit of leadership.”

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