MacDonald’s closes two restaurants

Two of three MacDonald’s Chicken
Delite restaurants closed their doors this past weekend, victims of Cayman’s
sluggish economy.

Speaking for the family-owned
business, Joey Hew said the restaurant in Industrial Park closed Friday and the
MacDonald’s in Savannah closed Sunday. He said the restaurant in George Town
next to The Office Lounge would remain open.

“The decision to close those two
locations was driven by the slowdown in the economy,” Mr. Hew said. “Because of
the slowdown, we looked at our businesses and decided restauranteuring is not a
part of our core business.”

Mr. Hew spoke about the reason for
keeping the downtown restaurant open.

“It’s been in the family business
for more than 30 years,” he said, adding that the family has been operating the
restaurant since the early 1980s and bought the property on which it sits in

Business at all three restaurant
locations had actually picked up since October, Mr. Hew said, but not enough to
keep the two closed restaurants open.

“We just don’t have the time and
energy to keep them open,” he said,

The majority of the employees who
worked at the two closed restaurants have been given places elsewhere in the
family’s group of businesses, Mr. Hew said, adding that the two locations had
been run with “very slim” staff contingents in any case.

The MacDonald’s Industrial Park
location opened in 2005. The Savannah location in Countryside Shopping Village
opened in late 2006, Mr. Hew said.

“We gave it a good


  1. And the snow ball continues to roll.

    What did everyone think?! You could just roll over 10k people from the island, and there would be no economic impact. And the kicker is. It wont stop.

    You see, those people that are hired there. Will go to other places (most places arent so lucky).

    If it had been any other work place. Those people would have left the island, due to unemployment. And then there is once again, less people to spend money.
    Meaning, other places would eventually have to downsize, by way of expat and caymanian alike, and ect ect.

    snowball effect. And the only way to repair it. Is to bite the bullet, reduce permit fees, get more people on the island. And that will increase spending, creating jobs for everyone.

    Meh….let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

  2. I ate at the McDonalds in Savannah once and I would never go back. It wasnt just the economy that closed it — it was the quality of the food. The chicken I had was greasy and rubbery. Staff stood around talking while I was waiting, and I had to say Excuse me, can I place my order? So dont blame the economy — it was just one factor but not the only reason people werent coming through the door.

  3. Big Beard what does bringing more people here on work permits have to do with the reason for the closing of these 2 restaurants?.You are an opportunist.

  4. LOL, okay Dubai. Guess that is why this whole housing market is going down the toilet. And the Cayman economy.

    Sure you want to make that wish?

    Cause once you get your wish. There is going to be no coming back from your self inflicted predicament.

    Think 10% unemployment is bad now. Wait…….

    The difference between now and 1970. Businesss can and are packing up and leaving here. Why be forced to hire people that are just not qualified?! (Here is news yet to hit joe public) Fortis is just another casuality. Another hedge fund is gone. How many people are going to be out of work, how many are those people Caymanian?

    I truly hope you get what you wish for Dubai. I truly do 8)

  5. When I think back about to last year all the comments on topics like the Role Over and the Expat population on Cayman. The comments coming from Caymanians were Get rid of them Expats, They are taking Our Jobs, We dont need them here, we were fine without them before and we will be better off when they are gone. People said now there will be more jobs for Caymanians, unemployment and crime will go away. And we can get back to the way things used to be when it was Cayman for Caymanians. Some folks even said that tourists werent needed. This is just what Caymanians asked for.

    Hey you never know, things may get better in the long run, there will be no Expats, Tourists, foreign investments or Cruise ship Visitors. Every Caymanian will have a high paying office job and crime will be nonexistent. Cayman will be for Caymanians.

    I try not to wish anything bad on anyone, so I hope everything works out in the end. One thing I know is that history shows every culture that practiced racial cleansing usually ended up crashing to the ground. This is a big world full of all races creeds and colors, and we all need each other for one reason of the other. For such a supposedly god fearing county it seems a lot of people have forgotten what Love Thy Neighbor means.

  6. Nah…

    You got it wrong, mate.

    Caymans mantra has been LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR WHO HAS MORE MONEY THAN YOU so you can shaft him out of it.

    The rest dont count.

  7. @Dubai

    Its not really that complicated. If the population contracts, the market for goods and services contracts with it. Less market means providers have less turnover or profit, less cash available to pay staff with, staff get laid off, the expats among them leave, population contracts.

    Those expats you hate so much provide the bulk of your Governments income, do the jobs that Caymanians cant or wont do, rent properties owned by Caymanians, and spend money in local shops and restaurants.

    As someone posted below, be careful what you wish for.

  8. @ NJ2Cay – And tell me why do you think that we sinking in a crisis? Is it not because we have two governments (UK/Local) that are caught up in their own interest – and not the interest of the average citizen? These governments are to blame – Remember that! They will end up ruining this economy! Not a cent will go to those at the bottom of the ladder!

  9. To the regular person or 3 people who keep pressing the disagree button on my comments…

    Ive decided to answer you without taking things personally…

    You really need to give it up and get a life…

    A million strong cant be wrong.(well, not quite a million but much more in the majority than you, whoever you are).

    Ha ha ha!

  10. Errrrr…Bodden.

    Who do you think just loaned the Cayman Government money to stay afloat. (read between the lines here). The island was almost bankrupt! It was the UK that kept this island afloat.

    And now because 10K people have left the island, the government makes less money. Due to people not buying as much (remember, government gets 22% of all goods imported and brought on this island)

    So they had to raise the fee for expats to cover those loses. Which in turn has made 4 or 5 BIG finance sector companies on the island LEAVE. (again, making more people leave…what are they going to do now?!!!)

    This also includes other companies leaving, not just finance. Which all hire Caymanians (hence 10% unemployment and rising)

    good god. Does anyone not understand what they are reading in the compass?!

    You really think the few million dollars the government has wasted on the UK, due to lack of services they could not get here, is the reason behind the governments financial crisis….. LOL

  11. why is no one surprised? well, I would say – overpriced meals, mediocre service and a bit over ambitious with 3 restaurants on a small island. sad for the staff, can only hope that its true that most (all?) staff found jobs elsewhere.

  12. Sad Day in Cayman,
    Caymanians are now FIGHTING FOR EQUALITY.

    Apartheid is HERE!
    One day soon you will have to take a stand for you and your children.

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