Online Poll Apathy about new PPM leader

Apathy reigned with many of the 439 respondents to last week’s online poll as 43.5 per cent answered “I don’t care” to the question asking what they thought of the choice of Alden McLaughlin as the new leader of the People’s Progressive Movement.

“Alden has always been the leader of that party,” said one of the 191 people who said they didn’t care. “He is just now stepping into the public light of the position.”

“Why should this matter to anyone not of the party?” asked someone else.

“Remember the difference between party and national politics.”

“Alden is as much about politricks as all the others, so what difference does it make?” said another person.

“Whether it’s Kurt or Alden, that party is still not good for Cayman,” said one respondent. “None of the parties are. They both had a hand in putting us in the mess we are in today.”

The second highest segment of respondents, 92 people or 21 per cent, thought the choice was ‘OK’.

“The fact that no new young faces stepped up to challenge this dinosaur shows the true depth of this party and politics in general on this Island,” said one person.

“There was really no other choice, but Alden strikes so many people the wrong way,” said someone else.

“I’m not sure if he’s the one to bring the PPM back into power. More likely, he’ll be the end of the PPM.”

“Great legal mind and acumen,” said another person.

“He needs to work on his public speaking ability,” one respondent said.

Fifty-one people – 11.6 per cent – said they liked the choice.

“He was the obvious candidate,” said one person.

“I approve of the decision to run candidates in all constituencies and not run away and hide from West Bay,” said someone else.

“I wish him well,” said another.

Forty-nine respondents – 11.2 per cent – said they loved the choice.

“He is a man of integrity, compassionate and trustworthy,” said one person.

“A good man and the best one for the job,” said someone else.

Of the remaining respondents, 34 – 7.7 per cent – said they didn’t like the choice and 22 – 5 per cent – said they hated it.

“I’m an independent, but we can not trust Alden to complete the Shetty Project and other projects that will bring back revenue to the country and put Cayman back on its feet,” said one person. “Alden is not the man to lead Cayman, and as much as I criticize McKeeva, in my heart I know he is the man for the job in this hour.”

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